7 Things You Can Do After Breakup

Breaking up is a pain. Often breaking up with someone you love can cause depression and even heart disease. Moreover, depression due to a broken heart often leads to suicide attempts in young children.

But broken love does not have to end suffering. There are several tips on how you can move on to avoid depression when faced romance relationship problems. Here are the tips so you can bounce back to life.


1. Spill the feeling

Find time to be alone and contemplate the relationship course. Find a suitable place to release your emotions, such as in the bathroom, bedroom, or back garden.

It’s naturally if you feel sad, angry, or disappointed after a breakup. Therefore, it's okay to cry, shout, or get angry. Sit down and spill all the raging feelings. That way, you will feel liberated, and ultimately more relieved.

According to an expert relationship Audrey Hope, holding a negative emotion for too long can make a person really a headache because of excessive stress. If you have difficulty expressing your feelings verbally, you can ejaculate by writing letters addressed to the former, but do not send them.

2. Learning to love your self

Many people often blame themselves when they break up. Feeling that the romance breakdown due to partner not being totally committed, not really loving, inappropriate, and so on. Thinking like this is actually dangerous and can undermine mental health in the long run.

Take time to remember what your advantages are in the eyes of your friends and family, and what your next life purpose is. Know that the world is not over and there are many others who love you for what they are. Read books or watch movies to enrich insights, and listen to positive motivations. Do this as soon as possible to avoid depressive thoughts haunting your mind.

3. Decide all relationships in social media

You will be harder to move on if you keep looking at the postings of the former on the page Instagram or Facebook. Or worse, you might even be tempted to stalking all the movements of your ex on social media. This is a completely unhealthy habit, and in many cases, violates the privacy rights of others.

If steady want to forget your ex, immediately make a decision: whether you are a vacuum for a while from the virtual world or even just unfriend even block your ex. In addition, strain social media to bring only positive news or images, so you are more excited. Do not follow those accounts that will only prolong or thwart the move on process.

4. Dispose of the memories

According to an expert relationship Jennifer Spaulding, in addition to cleaning the hearts and minds of bad memory, you also need to clean up to get rid of any items or photos that can remind to ex. This is a good step towards happiness.

You can collect ex-given gifts and donate them to others, discard the cards and letters, and return the ex-items left at home. If you want to return the goods given ex, should send by mail or leave in front of ex-house. Even if you have to meet face to face, try to meet as short as possible. There is no point in leveraging the past.

5. Do not talk about it

Though your mind may still be on your ex, try to keep the chat topic from spinning on them. That way, you can stay focused on "healing" yourself from old wounds. Ask friends and family members to not mention names, talk about them, or ask them for some time. Let your friends and family support and give you time to move on.

6. Exercising

The benefit of exercise to improve mood and overall body health is no longer indisputable. Instead of moping, crying for him who will not return, put on your sneakers and jog around the city park. Or if there are still unresolved preservatives, go to local boxing sanctuary near home and punching bag until satisfied.

Exercise can really release the emotional stress you've been immune, so the heart will feel more relieved. In addition, as a bonus, the body will also feel more healthy and strong.

7. Look for a new one

After feeling overwhelming, even when you think you are not ready to seek new love, try to be open to others. Getting out of the house and getting acquainted with new people is the best way to quickly move on from your ex, according to dating expert Lori Salkin. Who knows, out there, you will be able to find a better one than the one who has now gone.

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