The Risks of Eating Eggs Everyday

Breakfast is something must be people done who have myriad activities and requires a lot of energy. One of the breakfast menus often chosen by many people is eggs.

The ease of processing eggs is the reason why it’s excellent for many people for breakfast. Not only that, eggs also contain nutrients needed by the body, namely choline, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, fat, phosphorus, carbohydrates, iron, and calcium.

Unfortunately, there is a risk must be faced if we continue to consume eggs. What are the risks of eating eggs daily?

1. Ulcers

We have often heard the ban on eating eggs every day because it will cause ulcers. It’s true, the reason, indeed a lot of people who experience ulcers because eating eggs every day. The cause of fat content in eggs is high that it can disrupt the natural oil content is stable in the skin layer and ultimately cause small boils.

2. Uric acid

For people with uric acid, it is not advisable to consume eggs because fat and phosphorus in the egg can interfere with the amount of uric acid present in the joints and may even increase the amount of uric acid.

3. Nausea

For those who like to consume eggs in excess without balanced with eating vegetables or fruits, you will feel nauseated because the gas content in eggs can cause irritation in stomach.

4. Gain body weight

Carbohydrates and fats in the eggs will trigger the buildup of fat in the body and slow the body's metabolism. Finally, the weight will increase quickly if it is left alone.

5. Acne

The next danger would make many women think again to consume eggs every day. Yes, eggs can trigger acne because the fat and cholesterol content in the egg can clog the pores of the skin and then increase the oil content in the face, making it more vulnerable in absorbing dust and free radicals which then ends with the onset of acne.

6. Blood sugar levels increase

Eggs have their own sugar levels that if consumed in excessive amounts, can trigger the buildup of blood sugar levels. Patients with diabetes symptoms should not over to consume the eggs.

7. Disrupt the hormones of men and women

The content of fat and cholesterol in the eggs can disrupt the stability of male and female hormones. This condition interferes with fertility.

8. Choking

Consuming egg yolks without accompanied by rice intake can make a choking because the egg yolk is very minimal to contain water. And it is solid when entering the throat.

9. Hypertension

Someone who has hypertension should not consume too many eggs, because the fat content can clog blood vessels and trigger an increase in blood pressure.

Those are some risk eating eggs every day. However, there are several solutions that can be taken to avoid these dangers, for example:

The eggs were overcooked

Some people think if eating eggs menytah is healthy. Raw eggs are presumed to contain many bacteria and parasites that can interfere with digestive health. If you want to eat boiled eggs then boil it until it is properly cooked. Boiled cooked eggs will still have nutritional intact and more safe to be consumed.

3 items

Eating eggs is recommended not to exceed 3 eggs per day because it is for prevention of increased fat and cholesterol in the body. Actually eat the ideal egg adalaah hariu one day.

Eggs are saved by other food items

To improve the nutritional quality of the eggs can be added with other foods that contain more vitamin D or Omega 3. Eggs are combined with other foods containing Omega 3 can neutralize cholesterol levels in eggs.

Olive oil or corn oil

Fry the omelet or fried eggs to stay healthy and not increase cholesterol and fat levels. We recommend that you fry the eggs by using olive oil or corn oil that is free from saturated fats. Eggs already contain cholesterol and fat, so do not add more levels with oils that contain saturated fat.

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