Poor Room Arrangement Can Make You Hard to Sleep

Maybe you often experience the incident after doing activities all day the body feels tired then you want to sleep as soon as but on the contrary, you have trouble sleeping. Or when waking up your body feels tired and sleepy. If this incident often overrides you should be careful because it could be you have trouble sleeping.

hard to sleep

Sometimes trivial things that may never be imagined in your mind can be the factors that make you difficult to sleep such as common mistakes in arranging the bedroom.

Incorrect bedroom arrangement turns out to be detrimental to your sleep quality. In this article, you will know what the mistakes you need to avoid in arranging the bedroom. So, you will get the better sleep.

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1. The rooms are not tidy

Some people use the bedroom not only as a place to rest after doing many activities all day but also as a place to put and store various important items.

Usually, after the tired day of activity, people will tend to put various types of goods at random. This can be one cause of insomnia.

A mental health specialist from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Emerson Wickwire said that a messy bedroom can make it hard to sleep. The rooms are messy and chaotic, according to dr. Emerson can cause bad mood to adversely affect the workings of the brain.

So, make sure the bedroom is always tidy and not a lot of stuff scattered. Especially near the bed.

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2. The room is too striking

The rooms are immaculate, but the bedrooms arrangement with bright and striking wall background color can interfere with rest. Should avoid the wall color or room nuance is too flashy, you can select the cool and soothing color.

If you want to decorate a bedroom, Cynthia Spence, an interior designer in San Francisco suggested being creative with a combination of texture rather than color and striking patterns as the arrangement of the bedroom.

For example, combine wooden bed with side table from rattan. The way, the bedroom remains attractive and you can rest well.

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3. Poor mattress quality

Unconsciously, a mattress with poor quality can make a person difficult to sleep. Sarah Abate Rezvanifar, a Canadian designer recommends changing the old mattress that uncomfortable with a new mattress with soft contour so more comfortable.

Not only that, using poor mattress will make the sleeping position become uncomfortable. This is reinforced by a statement from Robert Rosenberg, DO, a medical director of Sleep Disorders Center in Prescott Valley who stated that a sleep position that is less comfortable can make a person does not get the benefits of optimal sleep.

4. Uncomfortable Bedsheet 

Another room layout error that can make you hard to sleep is the uncomfortable bed sheets. Even Liz Toombs, an interior designer of Pattern Dots and Rosebuds Interiors says that we need to consider what kind of fabric is suitable as a bedspread. For example a soft cotton fabric and absorb sweat, satin, or the other.

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5.  Not ideal Room temperature

The right room temperature determines whether you will sleep soundly through the night. We should sleep in a cool room temperature. A cool bedroom will help the production of the hormone melatonin, a hormone that helps sleep soundly.

Research shows that the best room temperature for sleep is 18-22 degrees Celsius. However, dr. Aparajitha Verma, a nerve specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas says that everyone's sleeping temperatures are different. Bottom line, do not get too cold or too hot.

Do not position the bed in front of the air conditioner or fan exactly because it becomes uncomfortable. Meanwhile, if you are easy to overheat at night, you can position the bed near the window for air circulation more smoothly and cool.

6. Bedrooms unable to muffle noise

Is your bedroom in a noisy area? If so, solvent by installing a special cassette coating or foam coating on the wall.

All of the above should be accompanied by the ideal sleep time, ie at least 7 hours a night. That way will create an environment that encourages you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

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