5 Ways to Make Simple Rats Traps Without Having Killing Them

Are there many rats in your house? 

The rats roam the house will certainly annoy you, is it right? In addition to taking food in the kitchen, sometimes rats also cause unpleasant odors, especially if they have been nested and many.

Usually, this animal resides in the roofs of houses or corner cabinets. Small rats at night sound and make noise. If you have a cat or a wildcat around your house would be more exciting again because the cat is very fond of eating rats.

Well, to get rats away from house, you can buy rats traps in stores, whether poison or clamps. There are also more modern traps that use electricity and light sensors.

You can also create a simple rat trap by utilizing existing items. Below are 6 easy ways you can do to trap rats without having to kill them.

1. Rat Traps with Buckets


Equipment needed:

  • Bucket or container with a minimum height of 40 cm
  • Bottled mineral water or other important milk or tin cans in the form of cylindrical tubes
  • A small board with a minimum length of 50cm, the board is used as a rat ramp up.

How to make:

  • Hole the top of the bucket or container left and right using a hand drill or use a nail.
  • Remove the tin or bottle wrapper, and then hole it on both sides of the lid.
  • Insert the wire into the bucket through the tin and the other side of the bucket.
  • Place a food feed around can surface.
  • Place the board tilted with support at the end of the floor and over the bucket. Make sure the distance between the end of the board and the can is close enough if it can be reached by rats.
  • Place a food feed at some point on the board that has been tilted.

How it works:

Rats will be hooked by the food bait on the wooden board. Rats will continue to ride following the traces of food bait until finally to the bucket lips.

When rats will reach the food that is on the tin, this is where the rats will be trapped and fall under the container.

This trap is very effective to trap many rats. You can fill the bucket with water or poison so that they instantly die in the bucket or emptied it.

2. Rats Traps from Buckets and Paper Plates 


In addition to using a used can, you can also use a plate made of Styrofoam. Insert the wire in a third of the plate; do not fit in the middle.

Store the food bait at the end of the small plate section. Use two wood or boards on either side of the bucket as the path of the rat to ride. Please see the picture.

Rats that rise from any board and try to grab the food bait will surely fall down.

3. Rats Traps from Mineral Bottles with Rubber


Equipment needed: mineral water bottle, rubber, strap or yarn, wire or wood, and the paper clip.

How to make:

  • Open the plastic bottle wrapper
  • Cut ¾ part of the bottle (top) using the cutter. Do not get cut off, leave about 20-30% parts.
  • Push both sides of the top bottle, and then insert the wood into the hole until it breaks.
  • Push both sides of the bottom bottle, insert the wood/stick into the hole until it breaks.
  • Connect rubber on both sides of the wood. See the picture illustration below.
  • Tie the neck of the bottle with the rope. The other end of the rope is tied in a hole to be used as a hook.
  • Hole the top of the bottle up enough. Form a paper clip as a hook and place the bait. For more details please see the picture illustration.



How it works:

Rats that see or smell the food aroma will go into the bottle. When rats eat food, simultaneously the paper clip hooks will be pulled down and the rope will come apart causing the bottle closed.

This trap can only be used disposable for one rat only.

4. Rats Traps from Buckets and Spoons

The tool used is quite easy; just use a bucket and spoon only. Place the spoon in a rather high place, eg on the kitchen table.

Give a little butter, peanut butter or other food bait at the end of the spoon and place the bucket just below the spoon.

When there are rats trying to reach food, the rats will fall straight into the bucket. This way can only be used once. Another solution you can save two or three spoons

5. Rats Traps from Buckets and Tubes

If you don’t want to use a tablespoon as a rat trap, you can use other materials, such as cardboard traces of tissue.

How it works almost the same as the above, only here using a box-shaped cardboard box.

Store the tube in a high place, and give it a weight to keep it from shifting. Put the angler food in front of the tube and at the end of the tube.

The trapped mice will try to take the food at the end of the tube and instantly fall into the bucket below.

Where to Install the Mouse Trap

After creating and setting up rats trap, you should place it in the right position. You must know where the rat nest is.

Place the trap between the rat's nest and the food source. Keep traps out of reach of children and pets.

Some places that usually become a nest of rats in the house are:

  • Under the cupboard
  • Safer drawer or messy work desk
  • Basement
  • Among the furniture
  • Remote corner
  • Garage
  • Ceiling cavities and walls

You should check rat traps that have been installed periodically. If there is already a mouse in the trap, quickly dispose of in a remote place. Do not let them caught in the backyard of your house or in someone else's house.

Source : Alwib.net

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