Is Lemongrass Oil Really Effective as Mosquitoes Repellent?

One of the most popular benefits of lemongrass oil is as a natural ingredient in mosquito repellent lotion on the market. What is actually contained in lemongrass oil, so it is believed to repel and prevent mosquito bites?
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The benefits of lemongrass oil in mosquito repellent lotion

Basically, anti-mosquito lotion or spray-aerosol version containing diethyltoluamide (DEET) works by blocking the mosquito's odor sensors. But it’s no secret that these chemicals have toxic effects to the human body.

In theory, the benefits of lemongrass oil are similar to DEET in inhibiting mosquito odor sensors. Lemongrass oil works to cover the scent attracts insects, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid in human body.

Lemongrass oil is favored as a safer alternative to generic mosquito repellent, as it contains a natural active ingredient that can counter the effects of free radicals so as not to harm your body.

But, is Lemongrass Oil really effective?

It is believed that lemongrass oil can fight Aedes aegepti mosquito that causes dengue fever. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Lemongrass oil in fact is not so effective in expelling mosquitoes.

The rebuttal is reported by a study published in the Journal of Insect Science, quoted by Science Magazine. This study tested the effectiveness of 11 types of mosquito repellent products (bracelets, lotions, sprays, aromatherapy candles) in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes - which carry the Zika virus, yellow fever, dengue fever, and other diseases.

The team asked a participant to sit at one end of the tunnel which is housed as a porch as a "bait", while scientists measure how many mosquitoes move toward the target, depending on the type of mosquito repellent used

As a result, most of these mosquito repellent products do not meet the claims on their labels. At a distance of 1 meter, the DEET lotion and mosquito spray containing lemon eucalyptus reduce the mosquito's appeal by only 60 percent. The rest of the products, including aromatherapy candles containing lemongrass oil, have a weak repellent effect, not even better than protection at all. The only mosquito repellent product that works effectively is just a clip fan containing metoflutrin insecticide.

Research said that how to mix lemon oil is important to determine how effective a mosquito repellent product is. If the lemongrass oil product is formulated properly, it will be as effective as the DEET lotion and can protect you for up to two hours. If the formula is not right, lemongrass oil can evaporate quickly and make you even so unprotected.

Recommended ways to use lemongrass oil to repel mosquitoes

To use lemongrass oil to repel mosquitoes, apply this essential oil every 30-60 minutes once if you want the effect last longer. You can also combine lemongrass oil with a few drops of coconut oil or soybean oil and apply it to your body like using a lotion. You can also put the lemongrass oil into a bottle and add it with water and then spray it onto your skin, hair, or even your clothes.

Combination geranium oil and vanilla extract are reported to have a protective effect of up to 7 hours against Aedes aegepti mosquitoes. While oil from mint and thyme leaves is considered effective against the Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes that are the cause of malaria and filariasis. Using virgin coconut oil directly to your body is believed to have a more effective effect than citronella-scented candles.

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