Just one day in Prison, Salman Khan Difficult to Sleep

Salman Khan had to languish in Jodhpur Central Jail, India, since Thursday, April 5, 2018. Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in prison for a rare animal hunting case.

Salman Khan is still difficult to adapt in prison. An unmarked prison warden declared Salman Khan unable to sleep on his first day there.

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"Everyone knows if he (Salman Khan) is accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle, this is the reason why he cannot sleep," the jailer told the Deccan Herald newspaper.

Salman Khan's lifestyle in prison is different from his daily routine. The Chori Chori Chupke Chupke movie actor is not getting special treatment. "The prison cell provides simple wooden beds, carpets, and coolers," said the jailer.

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Salman Khan was found guilty of a rare case of Indian antelope raids in 1998. Salman Khan shot two animals while filming in Rajasthan in a car. In addition to imprisonment, Salman Khan must pay a fine of 10 thousand rupees.

Salman Khan's attorney has filed an appeal against his client's case on Friday, April 6, 2018. But the decision about Salman Khan's fate can only be set a day later.

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