The Best Way to Get Rid Of Rats With Vinegar

Not only cockroaches, the presence of rats at home can make the house condition to look very bad. The dirt, the former footing or the shape that looks make homeowners often feel disgusted. That's why this animal really needs to be eliminated.

Mice are able to carry bacterial diseases that are harmful to the health of the body, for example, as happened in the year 1348-1350 which caused the Europeans affected by a deadly plague Pes. Pes comes from rat fleas. The presence of this outbreak was successful in causing the death rate of European society increased to 60 percent.


The best way to confront and repel rats is to use vinegar, cotton balls and rubber gloves. No need to expensive, but rats will certainly soon disappear from your home.

First, check all parts of the house including the hidden loopholes in your home, such as the bottom of the cabinet. Make sure there are no remaining food crumbs hidden in the corners of the gap. Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure cleanliness.

Then clean the whole floor of your room using a mixture of vinegar and water. Meanwhile, prepare cotton balls in different places. Pour vinegar on cotton balls until it sinks. Make sure you use plastic gloves to keep your hand 'safe'.

Place the cotton balls at the places most often visited by rats. Kitchens and dark places are the areas most often visited by these small animals.

Make sure you always check the cotton balls of vinegar. If the cotton balls are already melting and there is no smell of vinegar, then immediately replace the cotton balls with vinegar.

This will be very effective to repel mice, given that mice hate the smell of vinegar.

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