Beware, These 5 Habits May be the Signs of Depression

Depression is one of mental illnesses experienced by many people. The problem is, this mental disorder often cannot be detected cause. Natural Alliance of Mental Illness says one in eight women in the United States are depressed and difficult to find the cause.

In addition, the WHO claims 50 percent of the world's 300 million people live with untreated depression. Psychologist at NYU Langone, Susanne Cooperman, Ph.D., says many people deny themselves the depression.

Reporting from Women's Health, Cooperman shares some of the symptoms of unexpected depression that occurs in women. She suggests, if you experience one or more of these symptoms throughout the day, you should consult your doctor.

1. Difficult to manage emotions

If often exasperated or excessive anger, you may be depressed. A study at JAMA Psychiatry in 2013 shows unruly emotions to be a symptom of depression experienced by more than half of people in the long run. Cooperman expressed such anxiety can occur in adults and children.

2. Wake up too early

Depression makes women easy to fall asleep. However, Cooperman explained that some of them began to fall asleep less, and woke up earlier. Therefore, if you start waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning, you may be depressed.

3. Your hobby becomes unpleasant anymore

Losing interest from activity you like can be a sign of depression. Cooperman says a fun activity can generally make you feel better. However, if it is no longer exciting and motivating, you may be depressed.

4. Glued on social media

Some people do think social media can become an opiate. However, if this happens suddenly, you may be depressed. According to Cooperman, increasing the intensity of social media use can be one tactic covering a person's depression.

Glued to social media will waste your energy. It is because every incoming message will keep your adrenaline up, so if it persists, it can cause fatigue.

5. Extraordinary back pain

Depression lets you experience lower back pain. According to a research review conducted in 2015, the worse the depression you experience, the worse the pain is felt.

Experts argue, back pain occurs because when a person is depressed, the nerves in body become more sensitive. It will certainly be very disturbing your activities. Therefore, overcome the depression you feel to overcome the back pain.

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