Avoid These 4 Things for Successful Your job interview

Job interview is an important moment often makes heart beat fast. In fact, being too nervous we often make mistakes.

When under pressure we are very easy to make mistakes without realizing it. But, there are some things we can do to overcome it.

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All we have to do is dress up neatly and come on time. With just a little preparation, there is a lot of carelessness we can avoid during a job interview.

Reporting from The Independent, Dale Williams, a managing director of recruitment specialists and Sinead Bunting who is a vice president of marketing, revealed that there are four things we can do to avoid mistakes during job interviews. Four things are as follows.

1. Don’t say perfectionist attitude is your greatest weakness

One of the most common - and feared - questions - the interview is "what is your greatest weakness". Experts advise that we don’t mention perfectionist attitudes as the greatest weakness when the question arises.

According to Williams, it's because our future bosses are looking for someone who is honest and answers questions with statements as if you are a good person is a matter that is viewed as negative.

Instead, he suggests answering with genuine weakness and explaining how you handle it.

2. Do not vilify others

If you are frustrated with your current role, or your previous work ended badly, you may be tempted to speak negatively when asked why you are looking for another job. What to say?

Williams explained that it is important to "be as automatic as possible," but if you slip and make negative comments, protect your tracks by looking for some positive things to mention as well.

3. Let them know that you are also interviewing elsewhere

When prospective employers ask if you also apply for work elsewhere, most of you will answer "no". You must think with the answer, you will look interesting and as if this is the only job you want, right?

According to Williams, this is just a mistake. Saying that you are only applying for company sat makes you look lazy or like a liar.

Instead, he says to be honest and tell them that you also apply for another position to pursue all available opportunities.

4. Avoid discussing holiday entitlements

Holiday allowances may appear as topics during the interview, but that are topics of discussion you should avoid.

Although it is very important for you to ask questions, but discussing the holidays just makes you look as if you want to take a vacation right away.

"You're just about to start a new position, and do not want to look like someone who cannot wait to get off work again," Bunting said.

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