Before Refrigerator Presented, How Did Ancient People Preserve Their Foods?

Food is an important part of human life. One way to survive is to eat healthy and energy-rich foods.

In that way, it was not uncommon for humans in ancient times that many also preserve food to be able store food at a time not hunting season or harvest season. This was done so that when the moment comes, the food supply was still a lot and the family can still survive.

Do you know how ancient humans preserve food?

Based on some references, it turns out that in the old age the way to preserve food is by cooling. This concept was popular for fast food such as meatballs, sausage, potatoes, or frozen meat.

Well, how was the cooling process in old times? While you know that the freezing technology does not exist yet.

In areas with 4 seasons, the process of preserving meat with freezing was discovered by accident. It was first discovered when the ancient people knew that the meat of their quarry was not easy to rot when there was ice around it.

From the results of the analysis was finally emerging culture where hoarding meat in the ice that became the right way to preserve food. As time passes, modern ways arise and change the perspective of meat pile.

The modern way to did was to make the room airtight. Inside the room, the bottom was stored as much ice as possible to provide super cool air in the room. The concept of this cooling room then became the idea of refrigerator formation!

Preservation is not by adding any ingredients to the meat. They rely on the air temperature to make the meat more durable and other foods remain fresh.

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