9 ways of Breaking Up Quickly Without Broken Heart

Breaking up is recognized as a difficult time. Sometimes love doesn’t long last and you have to learn how to move on from someone you loved.

Breaking up is not necessarily self-destructive. Here are some ways of breaking up quickly and without feeling heartbroken. Are you curious?


1. Enjoying broken hearts in a healthy way

A protracted breakup can get you into a bad world. Do not give up, choose a fun activity to do after the breakup.

2. Enjoying bad behavior

Not really bad behavior, you can try to date new people or go shopping. Do things that you did not enjoy before.

3. Distract attention to other things

When you struggle with breaking up, you can always turn to friends and family. Or you can also try new hobbies, such as reading a book or a martial course after breaking up.

4. Focus on yourself

It's time to reduce the conversation about other people, stop being a victim. Focus on living your life as best you can. A life you can live without a partner.

5. Change perspective

Breaking up is about perspective. Help yourself through breaking times with different perspectives.

6. Rebuild your own identity

During a relationship, you certainly adopt the habits or hobbies of partner. This is why it feels so desperate when it breaks up.

7. Positive thinking

You will survive with separation. Set limits to when you want to grieve, and then move back.

8. Do not extend your sadness

Do not rely on the ex, do not make things difficult. If you continue to depend on ex after a breakup, this will make the healing process impossible.

9. Remove the former from your life

There's no need to see who ex out tonight or where going at the weekend. Remove all about the former from your phone.

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