6 Inspirations Beautifully Fascinating Adele's Makeup You Should Try

As a public figure, the celebrity lifestyle is certainly to be public spotlight includes the existing singer Adele who has distinctive melodious voice. Not only her lifestyle, the stylish look and how this woman dress up also be netizens highlighted topics.

Just like other celebrities, Adele's makeup is not spared from public media spotlight. Early in her career, Adele did not look stunning immediately as now day.

Previously her face makeup is too plain just with poly eyeliner and mascara. But now along with her rising popularity, this Grammy Award-winner is always stunning with flawless face makeup.
Even Adele’s makeup could be a warm public conversation because it managed to make her look more beautiful and young.

This time, take a look at Adele makeup style that can be your inspiration. Like what? Let's see below!

1. Glossy lips look

While attending the Mercury Prize Awards event in 2011, Adele appeared with a simple face makeup but still looks charming with a touch of her lip glossy. Eyeliner makeup with thick and polished mascara on the top and bottom of her eyelashes make her eyes look more alive. Add a perfect mix of blush on peach color that match with his lips.

2. Glamour look with red lips and cat-eyeliner blush

Adele's appearance at Grammy Awards 2012 event successfully seized the attention of public with her lipstick red blush color and eye makeup intense. At the time she appears flawless without contour and blush on thick. Cat-eyeliner applied to her eyes and mascara focusing on the upper lashes further refines her look at the time.

3. Nude look

In Golden Globes 2013 event, Adele chose nude look makeup at the time. Still with light facial makeup with no contouring and a thick blush on, the nude color lipstick worn by Adele looks very fitting and prominent. Her eyes makeup was left natural only focus on eyeliner and eyelashes only.

4. Thick eyebrows and pink lipstick

In 2015, Adele has a new look. She began to thicken her eyebrows where previously left natural with a darker color. With darker brow color Adele's face looks firmer but still looks natural. In addition she also polishes her lips with pink lipstick that looks sweet on her face. Her eye makeup still retains a thick eyeliner stroke.

5. Natural brown eye shadow

Adele looked beautiful and looked more refreshed with the makeup she wore when filling television show in 2015. Adele's thick eyeliner scratches combined with a natural brown eye shadow and peach lipstick color make it look perfect. Blush on peach color on both cheeks even more sweetened appearance.

6. Bold eyebrow look

While enlivening the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2016, Adele looked attractive with a different style look than usual. It was Adele looks bolder with a more concentrated eyebrow color.

Adele eyebrow color on the appearance looks much darker than the previous appearance. Makeup was made natural with just a thin blush on glossy nude lipstick.

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