5 Tips to Control the Mind, Calm Yourself from Feeling Restless

A restless mind makes you unable to rest. It will only cause anxiety to swirl within.

However, some people feel it is a form of curiosity and productivity. In fact, sometimes it’s a mental disorder.

"As a young girl, I am always vulnerable to emotional instability, sorrows accompany my adolescence, and when I begin my professional life, I fall into the inevitable cycle of fear, anxiety and anxiety that is almost impossible to live on," Kay Jamison, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, United States quoted from Step to Health.

To prevent emotional instability from distracting everyday life, do these 5 things to calm the mind:

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Expenses

To find inner peace, you don’t have to carry a burden in your mind. Sometimes we are surrounded by people who don’t give positive energy to us, but instead take it.

For that, choose what is beneficial to you and what does not. Understand that "less, it could produce more".

2. Break, Breathe, and Stop Thinking Badly

The past let it pass. You cannot change it. But the future has not happened yet. It’s what should be the center of attention today. Find yourself in the present.

Let stand and breathe. Breathe deeply and hold for up to five seconds, then blow hard. This simple exercise will free the mind from things that can interfere mentally. This trick can also bring oxygen to the brain that helps you stay calm.

3. Building Protective Wall

Anxious minds may come from the environment around us. For this reason, it is important to build a protective wall for yourself.

Protect yourself from people who often bring anger at quiet times. Build a wall for those who do not respect you, and let them go.

4. Heal Yourself with Silence

At least once a day, for one and a half to two hours, you need to bathe in silence.

This quiet time will allow you to connect with what is needed to calm a restless mind.

This kind of thinking usually arises because people tend to forget about themselves. They no longer remember how precious and important they are.

Relax in silence. Turn off the fear and negative voice within yourself. Let the body be surrounded by a feeling of satisfaction, peace, and balance between heart and mind.

5. Instilling Gratitude

Thanks the little things that surround you, which may have been overlooked. Be thankful for being physically fit, or having people who love you.

Learn to be grateful every day. There are always opportunities to achieve your goals.

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