5 Simple Things Can Make Your Partner Feel Special

Talk about love and romantic does not always have to be expensive. At least so mentioned relationship counselor and founder of Burns Mental Health & Wellness clinic in Massachusetts, USA, Samantha Burns, LMHC. "It does not take much time, either," she said.


Here's a simple thing that can make your partner feel special.

1. Give a Simple Surprise

"Giving a surprise does not have to be fancy," says Samantha. Little surprises like giving snacks, making favorite snacks, or buying a favorite book can make your partner 'melt'. According to Samantha, a simple surprise if done sincerely then the love you want to convey to you will still feel meaningful to the couple.

"Such a shock is a nonverbal act that shows that you are really serious in a loving relationship and want to make your partner feel comfortable and special. If you want more romantic then paste love notes on the prepared surprises. For a while, he will smile to see the surprise and love notes you give, "she explained.

2. Present at the Genting Moment

The presence of a lover, while you are dropping, becomes a much-needed thing. Your words of support and presence are elements that imply that you are watching him.

"Your partner is in a vulnerable state and he will depend on you as his lover. In my opinion, caring for a sick lover for example as romantic as when you and your partner are having a romantic and luxurious dinner. Your attention shows that you really exist for the partner, "said Samantha.

Sense and tasteless will surely descend the lovers who have been in a relationship for a long time.

Try to try to refresh the relationship, one of them by creating things romantic. Create a romantic atmosphere with your partner in a simple way.

3. Praise

According to psychologist and founder of psychology consultant Dr. Nikki Martinez, Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D., LCPC, praise is a sign that you have more attention towards your partner. "Humans, people like when we praise their appearance. So if your partner is wearing a new outfit or changing hairstyle then praise his performance. That way, your partner will know that you care for him, "he explained.

4. Dating

Furthermore, Dr. Nikki advises the couple to make a date to refresh the relationship. "Go to the restaurant. A romantic dinner can increase the intimacy of the couple. Spending alone time outdoors will be a signal that your time together is a valuable thing for you, "he said.

5. Thank You

The word 'thank you' becomes one of the most influential magic words in human relationships. Relationship expert and CEO of matchmaking company in the US, Luxury Matchmaking (LUMA), April Davis said that thanking can make him feel special. "Saying 'I love you' can mean a lot. But the phrase 'I appreciate and thank you' will

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