5 Reasons women lie to Partner in Relationship

Women are unique creatures. One of their uniqueness is the behavior often difficult to guess by the partner such as lies are often done by women in a relationship.

But the women lie in a relationship is not without reason. Actually, they do it for some reasons. So what are the lies are hidden by them? Check this out!

1. Hiding the past

Women lie to hide the past. They do it because they do not want the man who attracts her attention to know about it. Women are afraid being judged by their loved ones based on the past, so they decide to lie.

2. Do not want to look bad

No one in this world wants to look bad in front of a loved one, especially a woman. They will try as hard as possible to look attractive and fun even with lying.

3. Make a distance

When a woman starts lying to her partner, she is making a distance in a relationship. It could be she is thinking something in a relationship and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Or maybe she has decided to split up and find a way to tell you by lying.

4. Testing Partner

Women also lie to test their partner. They deliberately tell lies about her and want to see the partner's reaction. It becomes one of the mainstays of women to see the character and personal partner.

5. Not easy to believe

Failure or bitter experience in the past to make women is no longer easy to believe with a partner. They are reluctant to tell the whole side of their lives and prefer to lie. This woman is usually afraid to feel disappointed many times.

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