5 Biggest Mistakes You Do After Breakup

Love, it can make people happy instantly but can also be so torturous. Especially if love is not reciprocated, love break up in the middle of the road, or there is betrayal in a romance.

When a person experiences a broken heart and the condition is really very unstable, they can easily take a shortcut by suicide. It’s tragic. But it’s the fact that there are some people who decide to commit suicide because they cannot stand the pain of the breakup with partner. Bellows are the biggest mistakes you do when breaking up:


1. Commit Suicide

Suicide is one outside logic action. It can be told the stupidest action. Do not let your life ends just because breaking up with someone you love.

Your future is still long, what the hell can you commit suicide? Usually it happens because you are not strong enough to accept the fact that you are in a dozen. Then you will feel your life is not meaningful anymore and decided to commit suicide.

In fact, breaking up is a common thing. From breaking up you can learn from mistakes and fix them. Do not think about ending life. If you still think doing something stupid means you can say selfishly just stop yourself alone. Do not think after your suicide will calm down. Many family members even your ex will think about losing you.

2. No Self-Introspection

It often happens after a breakup. You'll assume your ex is the one who made your relationship shattered after a breakup. You'll start blaming the ex. The question is, are you sure if everything is ex wrong? Not necessarily.

Before you conclude if your ex is wrong, try to introspect yourself first. Example: Once you broke up because of your ex-childlike attitude and no adulthood. Here you will say that your ex is making a relationship with the reason "There is no maturity" But, try to contemplate the truth, which makes you break is your ex no maturity or you cannot accept it? Sometimes you have to see things from another point of view. Not necessarily your point of view is true.

3. Making others like impingement

Many people vent their anxious feelings to others after breakup and the victim is the opposite sex. It can be considered selfish. You will feel a bit calm by venting to other people, but try to think if you are in their position, make someone happy then destroy it? What about their feelings? Crushed and broken heart. Don’t to vent an innocent person because of your selfishness.

4. Revenge and Hate

Many people after a breakup try to take revenge to treat and pay your heartache. It’s really wrong! even arguably no use you revenge.

How is the solution? You have to be mature. If you grow up, there will be no such thing as revenge. So, if you were dismissed ex because you know your ex cheats, accept it with a roomy chest even though it hurts. Appreciate ex-decision even to your own disadvantage. You better find someone else who is really faithful.

5. Trauma and Fear Opening Heart for Someone Else

Not a few of you who are afraid of dating again after the breakup. Usually, the trauma of courtship occurs because there are bitter memories when you are dating. After that, you do not want to go out again for fear that bitter thing will happen again.

Everyone has their own bitter memories. So why are not they traumatized to open their hearts again? That's because they can fight against the fear of themselves. Most of you may think if move on it means to forget the memories with the former.

Move on is not forgetting memories, but it willing memories with an ex. No way, we can forget memories that already engraved in the heart. So start now trying to sneak past and think about what's ahead of you. It’s because there is a good and decent person who already awaits you in the future.

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