4 Types of Dangerous Food Preservatives You Should Avoid

Many food products are processed by home-based entrepreneurs but it is done by cheating like making noodles, crackers, meatballs, fish, bread, sweets, and much more.

Usually the type of preservative used is not recommended for food. But in order to make a profit, they make food sold to the public with hazardous materials.

Preservatives used by small entrepreneurs include borax, formalin, textile dyes such as methanil yellow and rhodamin B. Unfortunately, the control of products with the ingredients content has not been fully controlled by the government.

Therefore, people should be educated properly in order to avoid various foods, which use preservatives. Therefore, the impact can be experienced by many people, ranging from children to parents.

Here are five types of food preservatives are not recommended to eat. Check out the review so you can be vigilant.


Meatballs are often produced using borax, though this preservative contains sodium tetraborat which is not recommended to eat. In addition to meatballs, borax is also often used to make crackers, genders. In fact it is used to preserve wood so as not easy to mold.


It is no stranger if there are some foods produced with formalin, though formalin function to preserve the corpse. Usually formalin is used to preserve meat, tofu, fish, and other wet foods so as not to quickly stale and durable.

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Methanil yellow

Be careful if you eat yellow noodles or yellow crackers. Many cheaters include textile dyes for food. Of course the purposes of this food are durable for days and have beautiful color. The negative impact, if consumed continuously can damage the human ginal. Do not let this happen because it is detrimental to health.

Rhodamin B

Wet cakes, market snacks, breads, jams, and other color foods are also susceptible to a mixture of rhodamine B. It’s a synthetic dye for fabric coloring. Obviously it should not be consumed.

But unfortunately, traders want to profit a lot if producing foods by using dyes, so they choose textile dyes because it has cheaper price than food coloring. You have to be smart to differentiate it so it is safe to eat. Buy a cake with original color and not flashy. If the color of the cake looks faded, usually using real food coloring.

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