15 Things Men Sneak Into Women's Social Media Profile

When talking about social media, you may have considered it a self-representation, right? You might try to write down all the goodness and lack of yourself in social media accounts, in order to make it easier for readers.

In addition, it cannot be denied that social media is also a place to find a mate, are you one of them? If so, then you need to read this.

The following are something secretly apparently sought by men on a woman's social media profile. Are you curious?

1. Originality

Don’t overdo it in expressing your profile on social media. Men will look for a woman who can be herself.

2. Good photos are just the beginning

Yes, a good photo is just a beginning, but nobody wants to start a conversation with you if the profile photo is not interesting, is it?

3. The consistency of playing social media

Do not create a social media account for you to leave behind. Show that you are active and easy to contact.

4. Specific and clear

Give yourself specific and clear explanations of yourself in social media. Do not let others wonder about you.

5. Let the photo speak for you

Do not mention anything about your body. Let the photos on social media provide an explanation. If there is something to ask, let others directly ask you.
6. Remove the Snapchat filter

Overuse of Snapchat filters will only show that you are a person who has no personality. Stop right now.

7. Be yourself

The saddest thing is when you try to prove something to others. Be yourself, your original self and what it is.

8. Notify Interest

The best way to attract other people's attention is to show that you also have your own interests. Look for something specific and uncommon.

9. Good photos

Good photos can come from the quality, with the light and the way you styled in front of the camera.

10. Do not involve many people in your photos

It does not matter to have some photos with friends. It shows that you are a sociable person. However, never use this photo as your profile photo.

Why? Among everyone, you will look less attractive. In addition, there is a tendency to hide something or the desire to be dishonest about you.

11. Do not make a list

Never make your ideal man list on social media. It will only make everyone avoid you.

12. Do not describe yourself excessively

Yes, you are not doing the essay, write enough. Many people are lazy to read long posts on social media.

13. Use good language and punctuation

Write everything on social media with good punctuation. Do not let anyone think you are a fool.

14. Use your own words

You don’t have to mimic a particular celebrity or take a sentence from a movie, be yourself.

15. Positive

When you reveal something negative in social media, it will be seen by everyone who is also there. So, be careful in expressing things through social media.

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