These Small Habits Can Make an Affair in Relationship

OzymPost - There is no definite answer on why someone having an affair on their partner. Although some studies have linked infidelity with a number of factors, eg the age of a relationship, the fact each relationship is different.

We can not predict whether an individual will be having an affair just by looking at certain factors. The thing that can be done is to strengthen the relationship with a partner as strong as you can.
Because, whatever the myth, cheating is not only for sex reasons or interested in opposite sex face.
Recent research from Ashley Madison trying to find out what factors that make people look for "relationships" other despite having a partner.


The study also found more emotional reasons for someone having an affair, as much as those who cheated on temptation because of physical problems.

So make sure you have a very strong relationship with your partner and you are connected to each other. This is to make sure your partner is not looking for other special people.

Apparently these things are not merely the form of a great thing but also started from a small habit that is done everyday. For example the way we communicate and interact with the couple.

So, if you want to protect your relationship with your partner and prevent it from cheating, try to pay attention to these small habits.

1. Do not check each other's circumstances 

Keep your relationship with your partner by caring for each other. Ask your spouse about how their day, what they do, remind them if there are important events or just encourage them to start the day.

It’s not necessarily through meetings. You can do it via a short message or phone. Whatever your partner does, show interest because otherwise they will not feel it.

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2. Forgetting quality time together 

Quality time for together is very important. No need planned traveling together if it does not have time, just eat or coffee together enough to provide space for you and your partner to have a quality time together. If not, the relationship between you and your partner may slowly fade.

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3. Not to say 'thank you' each other

Show a little appreciation to your partner even for small things, like when they buy you a drink or take you somewhere. Therefore, feelings of 'exploited' or lack of appreciation can be one of the destructive factors of the relationship. It could be your spouse is seeking emotional satisfaction from others if it is not available to you.

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4. Hiding the truth 

Small lies may not be a problem, then. But lying is still lies. If you are used to lying your spouse or otherwise, then you will get used to it. This can lead to lie to each other for greater things.

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