These 5 Zodiacs are Hard to Love

Not everyone is easy to open their hearts to others. There are some zodiacs famous for their hardness heart, making them difficult to be conquered or loving.

The reasons vary. Some have been hurt, have no confidence in others, or even because they are difficult to understand what they want. Quoted from the Thought Catalog, the following zodiacs are known hard to fall in love.

1. Sagittarius

Easy to change and impulsive, that's Sagittarius. They are fun to spend time with, but they are difficult to take step into a more serious ladder.

Sagittarius is always interested in new things and pursues whatever adventure life has to offer. This is what makes them known to not be able to survive in something that is constant.

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2. Aquarius

Their closed nature makes Aquarius hard to read and approachable. To open up, do not ask them again, they will feel uncomfortable if forced to do so. This makes them difficult to fall in love, much less loved.

But on the other hand, they are a person who does not like spread emotions. Aquarius always keeps their heart, mind, and personal life tight.

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3. Capricorn

In making decisions, they always make rational and calculating considerations. Practical, efficient, and hardworking are their self-image.

They are reliable, but often seem to have no heart. People who approached Capricorn often culminate in disappointment because Capricorn is not really interested in them.

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4. Virgo

Virgo is very difficult to be loved for reluctant to open up. To break down their defensive walls, it takes time and effort is not small. However, when their hearts have been touched, Virgo can be an extraordinary partner.

In addition, those who have the Virgo zodiac are also used to being self-sufficient in seeking for their own happiness. Even when approaching, they will do it with full planning.

That attitude makes them unwittingly blocking people who are about to approach them. But this is because the new Virgo will open their hearts if they have really believed that person is trustworthy.

5. Scorpio

Trying to love Scorpio, often make emotions depleted. Scorpio very often changes pairs. This is because, before a Scorpio really matures emotionally, they are difficult to be worthy couples.

Scorpio also has a fluctuating personality: sometimes attentive, but also a cool person. This makes it hard for others to read their hearts.

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