Stray Kids Fans Have to Know These 4 Things

JYP's latest Boygroup Entertaiment, Stray Kids becomes public attention in South Korean and international. They consisting of nine members make their debut with the song "District 9".
Stray Kids was formed through a reality show with the concept of survival made by JYP Entertainment in October 2017.

Before officially debuting, Stray Kids had released their pre-debut album Mixtape. In the album they also released a song called "Hellevator".

stray kids

To get to know Stray Kids more deeply, here are the exciting things that must be known by the fans.

1. Training for 7 Years

One member of Stray Kids, Bang Chan is known to undergo training in JYP Entertainment for seven years. In his showcase performance on March 25, 2018, Bang Chan shared his thoughts about his survived, while other friends one by one decided to get out of the agency.

2. Creative and Make Their Own Music

Reporting from Soompi, Tuesday (27/3/2018), in reality reality event, Stray Kids are challenged against the training of YG Entertainment makes the audience mesmerized. Stray Kids featured creative choreography.

YG even want to know how they make choreography and feel very interesting and entertaining. In addition to choreography, Stray Kids is also known to make all the music and the song itself.

3. Losing a Member

In their reality survival event, two Stray Kids members were eliminated from the event. Lee Know or Lee Min Ho and Felix had left the group because they did not meet the criteria of JYP debut.

4. Member from Australia

In addition to members from South Korea, Stray Kids also has members from Australia. Both members are Bang Chan the leader and Lee Felix who plays as dancer and rapper.

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