Sandeul 'B1A4' Accused of Sexual Harassment, The Management speak up

The #MeToo movement lately crowded in South Korea. The action is a form of sexual harassment victims open voice to sexual harassment they had experienced.

Quoted from detikhot, Friday, (09/03/2018) Recently, a #MeToo acknowledgment, leading to the idol of 'A' vocalist who debuted in 2010 and originally from Busan. The netizens also rolled around saying that the idol 'A' in question is Sandeul who came from boyband B1A4.
img: detikhot

Hearing this, the management that WM Entertaiment strongly denied about it and said it would take decisive action to protect the artist.

"The person in question is not the artist of our agency, we sincerely hope that there will be no more suspected victims like us who have nothing to do with the situation." In order to protect our artists, we will respond firmly to rumors of evil” said management.

The entire story begins with the story of a woman who went traveling to Seoul in August 2012 last year together with three friends.

The woman knows the idol 'A' since high school. Knowing the woman is in Seoul, the idol invites to meet the woman along with her friends.

Meet and drink together, apparently the woman claimed to be drunk and unconscious. Until finally he woke up and learned that his underwear was no longer in use.

The woman said that the idol 'A' had raped her while she was drunk. The incident continued when the idol did not confess to doing so and lied to the victim.

Until finally the victim dared to open the voice about it through the movement Me Too, but unfortunately until now has not revealed who the idol 'A' is referred to in the case.

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