Revealed, The Model Figure Who Close to Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are currently rumored “break” or resting themselves from each other. A day after Selena was seen hugged by another man in Australia, Bieber was seen attending a concert with a blond woman on Tuesday 20 March 2018.

Who is this beautiful woman figure? Launched from the ET Online page, Thursday, March 22, 2018, blond woman was known named Baskin Champion Sport section illustrated sexy.
Justin's friend Patrick Schwarzenegger is known to be dating Baskin's sister Abby Champion. From there Justin knows Baskin.

Justin and Baskin also appear close to each other. An eyewitness saw Justin embrace Baskin during the concert. Afterwards, Baskin spent the night at Justin Bieber's residence.

22-year-old woman also has the same religious views as Justin Bieber. In an interview in 2016, Miss Alabama Teen USA 2014 said religion is very important to fill the void of the heart.

"Through social media I want to show that living for Christ is the greatest happiness. I often see people who have money and famous but his heart is not happy. Having an inner relationship with God can fill our lives, "says Baskin Champion.

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