20 Natural Ways to Get Rid Of Rats From House

Natural ways to get rid of rats - Ozympost. Rats are the most abused animals in the house. Certainly, the presence of this animal is very unpleasant. How not, if there are many rats at the house they often eat everything we have.

Rats are rodents that eat anything. They also eat electrical cables and could have entered into electronic devices such as television, sound system, and others. Rats are also like the dirty places, piles of wood or our neighbor house inhabited by rats. When there is a gap, they will be very easy to infiltrate into the house. In addition, they can also enter the house through a drain hole like a bathroom. Therefore you should be diligent to close bathroom drain holes with a net or ceramic to get rid of rats.

Rats come to the house to find food to survive. They also breed in occupies house. Sometimes it makes us annoyed because our dwellings become dirty and cause unpleasant odors.
how to get rid of rats

Why should we have to get rid of rats from house?

The presence of rats can interfere with our comfort. They not only make noise but often also eat food at the dinner table, bite cables and make dirt. Surely it can cause various diseases.

How to get rid of rats outside?

Various ways to repel rats from house would have been done by many people. The efforts to expel rats are very diverse ways to use rats repellent devices such as toxins, mouse glue, electric rats repellent, rats repellent drugs, rats eradication service and also expel naturally.

You can expel rats using a toxin but you will face a new problem. If they have consumed the toxin then they will die in the difficult area so you will have difficulty to find the dead rats smell.
If you use glue to eradicate them, you must also often check the glue if there is already rats that caught or not. Or if you use rat repellent service, of course, you have to spend more budgets.
Actually, to repel rats at home can be done naturally where this step will not spend a lot of money. Here we will provide some tips the natural ways to get rid of rats.

The ingredients used to get rid of rats naturally are as follows:

1. Peppermint

peppermint to get rid of rats

The first way to get rid of rats naturally is with mint leaves. This leaves not only has myriad benefits for health, but this mint leaves so one among the plants repellent because they are not like the mint leaves the smell.

Buy 1 or 2 bunch of mint leaves, then take the juice and dissolve it into the water. If it has dissolved, spray the solution to areas often visited or passed by rats. Until the rats will avoid the place in the mint solution, it is advisable to plant mint trees in pots around the house to be more efficient.

2. Soda Pop

soda pop to get rid of rats from house

One study explains that rats cannot burp or remove some of the gas presents in their body. So the powder or liquid baking soda can be used as material to get rid of rats from the house.

The way to eradicate with soda pop is very easy, it just for storing and mixing baking soda with the food preferred rats. Imagine, if the food has been given baking soda consumed by rats, and cannot release some gas coming from the reaction of liquid sodas with acid. Then their stomach will bloat.

3. Chili Sauce, Water and Detergent

chili sauce to get rid of rats naturally

The third way to get rid rats from house naturally is done for you who has a hobby to hunt, it’s by mixing the chili sauce poured with detergent then mixed into the water and put in a spray bottle. Well, the house rat hunter should be on standby with a spicy spray bottle next to him every time.
So when the face of rat’s buttocks appears you can spray them. Important note, be careful to use it because it is very risky, especially when exposed eyes!

4. Ammonia

Ammonia is a substance contained in human urine. Well, the fluid can also be natural ways to get rid of rats hiding in some corner of your house. The trick is by spraying ammonia (do not get too much, or the whole house) to some areas that are occupied or passed by rats.
The ammonia plays a role in getting rid of the rat’s signature until the rats get lost and search for new territory. Explained that rats mark their area with urine, now by spraying different ammonia will make their traces and power will be lost.

5. Strange voice

Furthermore, by using any device that can produce strange sounds, this is the easiest way among the previous points. You can use toys that still work but are not used anymore to get rid of rats from the house.
Then place it in some place that always visited and passed by rats. Not only hate the sound of crickets, cats, and dogs, the rats also feel disturbed by the strange sounds they had never heard before.

6. Crickets

crickets to get rid of rats naturally

The natural ways to get rid of rats also can be done by raising crickets, this animal can be proven to drive rats away but do not let the crickets that make a loud voice, well keep the crickets with the quiet sound. The sound produced by crickets will disrupt rats hearing because they do not like the crowded areas and noise. Put crickets in areas are often passed by rats.

7. Cat
cat to get rid of rats from house

The next way to get rid of rats from the house is to keep the cat. Surely we have already known clearly if the enemy of a mouse is cat-like in Tom and Jerry cartoons. With a cat preserve then most likely your house will be free from rats. Just hear the sound of the cat, the rats will run scared. Keep the cat, whether it's male or female cat because the mice will be scared to enter the house with a cat.

8. Snake

Snakes are also the natural enemies of rats. In a place where there is a snake, the rats will not live.

9. Noni fruit
noni fruit to get rid of rats from house

If you have noni fruit, you can use it to get rid of rats naturally. The trick is very easy, just by destroying and mixing it with water and then poured into areas are often passed by rats. This way is very fitting to be applied in driving rats in the fields and in the warehouse.

10. Durian fruit

durian fruit to get rid of rats

The quite efficient fruit rat repellent is durian. Durian has a very pungent smell and the skin of the fruit also has a sharp thorn. You can use durian fruit flesh and durian fruit skin to get rid rats from house.

11. Mint Oil

mint oil to get rid of rats naturally

The next effective way to get rid of rats is to apply oil derived from mint leaves (Mentha codifolia) on a piece of cardboard and place it in some places are usually passed by rats. They will not come back to the place because don’t like the smell of mint.

12. Camphor

camphor to get rid of rats from house

Rats do not like with stinging smell such as camphor. We can use camphor as a natural way to get rid of rats from house. The trick is very easy just to store camphor in places that are often passed or visited by rats. They will be annoyed and will choose to move from our house. You can get it easily.

13. Thorny Planting Rods

Place a few pieces of the plant to get rid of rats, especially the sharp spikes in place of rats wandering around. They will be reluctant to pass through the place because they feel pain when exposed to sharp thorns.

14. Coloring / Painting the Rat's Body

This way to get rid of rats is quite unique, that is through how to use rat’s selves. If you do not feel disgusted, catch one of the rats and put it in the bright paint, for example, Orange, blue or red.
If you've finished coloring then release them after the color has been dry. When the rat’s returns to its origin they will feel scared and scattered.

In order for a place to live completely free of rats, killing it is not enough. You also have to prevent the rats from coming back to your home.

15. Pepper
The smell of stinging pepper can not only make the human nose itchy but also potent to get rid of rats from house. Simply sprinkle a little pepper around a few corners as well as the holes in which they live. You will see the results later.

16. Bay Leaves

Rats are fond of any food, including bay leaves. But when they consume it, that sort of thing really kills them. Just keep a few bay leaves in the mouse area. Keep repeating this process until all the rats go.

17. Onion
Onions are very efficient to get rid of rats from house. The smell of the onion is considered rats very disgusting. All you have to do is just slicing onions and storing them in or near their holes

18. Make Your Own Trap
Creating a trap is one of the best ways to get rid of rats quickly. You can use peanut butter and cheese which is the rat’s favorite food.

19. Human Hair
This may sound strange, but rats cannot bear it if only they see human hair. Just keep a few strands of hair and place it in a rat’s hole. Not long, the rats will eat hair and they will die.

20. Soursop Leaves
Soursop plants have a distinctive smell ranging from flowers, leaves, until the fruit. This natural ways to get rid of rats is very easy, place the sour soup leaves in the area often passed the rogue rats, for example, rice warehouse and kitchen.

The aromas are disliked by rats

What are the smells that rats dislike? Well, this is the problem. Not everyone knows what kind of smells can make rats don’t like to approach. However, from the experience of those who have tried hard to get rid of rats from the house, here are the stinging smells that we can use to get rid of rats naturally:

  • The smell of White Wood Oil
  • Smell of Tobacco
  • Soursop smells
  • Smell of Cloves
  • Durian Smell
  • The smell of pepper
  • Mint Odor
  • Coffee Odor

Those are some smell are disliked by rats. Using a stinging aroma from a variety of materials can be done by spreading it in some places that are often used as a way or place to hide stubborn house rats. Sometimes, for a more durable odor, some of the ingredients that are the source of the odors are finely ground and mixed with oil.

That’s some natural way to get rid of rats from house that you can practice at house to keep your family safe from these rodents.

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