Mikami Yua, The Star of Japanesse Adult Film Rumored to Be Idol in South Korea

The shocking news comes back from the Korean entertainment industry or known as K-Pop.

How come?

The reason, there will be an adult Japanese movie star who will debut in a Korean girl group! The figure is Mikami Yua.

Mikami Yua is not only popular in adult film industry but also quite well known in the Japanese music industry because she debuted as a girl group member in Japan with the stage name Momona Kito. Before playing in hot film, she was recorded as a member sister group from AKB48 namely SKE48.

The figure even has experience as a member of Team KII, Team E, Team S. She was listed as a member of SKE48 from 2009 to 2014. She had gone through the music industry for 5 years then Mikami Yua was interested to plunge into the hot film industry.

It happens because the income amount among the adult film industry players in Japan higher than as an idol group member there.

In addition, some alumni from popular girl groups in Japan also have some success in the hot film industry.

Mikami Yua decision to over profession as a movie player today is greeted enthusiastically by some Japanese citizens.

The proof, 2016 to 2017 can be spelled out a glorious year for the figure Mikami Yua. The girl who was born on August 16, 1992 was able to achieve several awards in the hot film industry
Since deciding to enter the adult film industry in 2016, Mikami earned the title of several awards adult film awards in Japan such as AV Awards or DMM Adult Awards. In 2016, Mikami won the best newcomer actress award at the DMM Adult Awards. A year later exactly in 2017, Mikami upgraded and won the best actress award in 2017 in a similar event.

After stay on the top career in film industry, it seems Mikami Yua figure 'miss' with the sensation of a gig while singing. On this day (23/2) rumors circulated that Mikami Yuya was confirmed to be debuting as Kpop idol in March.

This is the first time an AV actress has debuted as a singer in Korea. She planned that she will release the song as well as performing domestic activities. Currently K-Pop fans are guessing, Yua will join which agency, and what agency.

Where do you think with this debut? Have you ever seen Mikami Yua before?

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