Is your marital relationship not intimate anymore? Know the Signs!

OzymPost - Of course, each married couple has their own way in showing intimacy to partner. It can be seen and shown in physical or emotional form. But over time, the relationship of husband and wife could be stretched and not as intimate as before. Is your relationship with your spouse not as close as before? Here are the marital relationship signs no longer intimate.

relationship intimacy

1. Rarely Have Sex

Sex becomes one of the most intimate things in marriage. Having sex provides many benefits both physically and emotionally, for couples. Here are some advantages of having sex in marriage, namely:

  • Strengthen commitment
  • Keeps you and your partner connected emotionally
  • Reduce feelings of insecurity
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Reduce the risk of physical illness
  • Make sleep more soundly, and so on.

Quoted from Healthline, the pleasure and sexual satisfaction help deepen bonding in a relationship. In addition, it can also make you and your spouse have a much better quality of life. But the decrease sexual activity in marriage can be an important sign that your intimacy with your partner begin to decrease.

Try to remember, when was the last time you had sex with a partner? If it's been some time ago, then you need to take immediate action to fix it. Don’t let your relationship becomes tenuous. Persuade again your partner tonight, so that your relationship ties strong back.

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2. Fixed with each duties and responsibilities 

If all this time you and your partner just fixated with each duties and responsibilities, then there is something wrong in this relationship. Of course, the relationship you build with partner is not just the fulfillment of responsibility.

In a marriage, husband and wife do their respective roles and responsibilities. But it doesn’t mean that both parties work on their own without caring for each other, even living it very seriously without any humor flavored at all. Remember, you and your spouse are two people committed in marriage, not a coworker relationship in the office.

If it’s the case, try to discuss it with your partner how best the solution is because if left continuously it will be a big problem in the household.

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3. Not open with spouse

When deciding to get married, you need to learn that openness is the key to keeping marriage relationship. Signs, everything you feel in partner either positive or negative needs to be discussed and delivered.
Saving your own negative feelings can be a factor in the emergence of problems that eventually make your relationship and your spouse loose. Don’t let this attitude ruin your marriage relationship.

John Mayer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist Doctor on Demand stated that strong, honest, and open communication is one of the most effective ways of solving problems in a relationship. So, start now talking clearly and blatantly whatever you think and feel about your partner.

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4. Feel partner don’t understand

Mutual understanding is an important capital in the relationship marriage. But if you begin to feel that your spouse doesn’t understand you then without waiting for a long time, a fight will arise. Finally, affect your mood in a relationship. This can make you or your spouse keep a distance, not interested in sex, and even feel bored.

Communicating with your partner is the best solution. It may be that partner also feels the same way you feel, that is not feeling understood. Try to keep learning and understanding your partner's way of thinking to rediscover the diminished intimacy of not understanding each other.

5. Do not listen to each other when quarrel

Quarrels in marriage relationship are normal. It happens because each defends argument. Usually, when a person is angry then ego will get higher and unconsciously want everything to be heard and obeyed. If both are equally strong, then the quarrel will get bigger.

This indicates that your relationship and your partner are entering a period of crisis. Realize that this is not at all beneficial to you and your spouse. Try to both seek solution with head cool, so that your marriage relationship back to intimate.

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