'Little Forest' Ryu Jun Yeol-Kim Tae Ri Finally Got 1 Million Viewers

The film "Little Forest" was released first on 28 February 2018 ago. This film keeps the audience entertained because the story is suitable for young people and praised to make the heart comfortable.

"Little Forest" tells Hye Won who is tired of the competition in the city and returns to his hometown. Hye Won will start learning to survive and cultivate groceries straight from nature with old friends.
The story was performed well by Kim Tae Ri's acting, Ryu Jun Yeol to Jin Ki Joo. All these factors make "Litte Forest" best-selling in South Korean cinema. In 11 days of airing, the film finally managed to get 1 million viewers.

The acquisition of audience was exhibited by Megabox Plus M through personal Instagram account. The distributor's side uploaded a photo of three young actors "Little Forest" who cheerfully photographed with a cake with 100 numbers, representing the acquisition of one million viewers.

In another photo, they also celebrated the acquisition of a million viewers alongside director Yim Soonrye and senior actress Moon So Ri who co-starred in the film. The film with a relatively small amount of money was able to successfully occupy the 3rd position in South Korean box office competition.

This success did not escape continues praise to circulate in the public to invite more and more people to watch this movie. Well, is "Little Forest" able to reach two million viewers? Look forward to the next news.

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