Know Your Personality From These Six Face Shape

The human face shape is created in varieties. There are round, oval, box, and so forth. This diverse facial shape is often associated with a person's personality.

There are six forms of face with personality owned. What are they? Here's the review.
face shape

1. Face shape like a Heart

This kind of face is closely related to one's sex life. According to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, you who have a short face shape and widened on top like a heart shape have a stronger sex drive. You tend to have wild sex fantasies.
In addition, women with heart-like facial shape can be open or closed. If you have a more prominent nose and lips and smaller jaw muscles, you are a woman who tends to open up. Conversely, if you have a flat nose and a prominent jaw, you are a closed figure.

2. Square Face Shape

The square face shape signifies that you are a hard man. Men with square faces and broad foreheads will be more aggressive, dominant, and unethical, according to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. In addition, people with facial shapes like this will be more willing to take risks.

3. Spherical Face Shape

People with round facial shape tend to snore during sleep. According to a study conducted by Case Western Reserve University, people with a round face shape of any age, any gender, and having the risk of obesity or not, will more easily snore. Even so, someone with a round face shape also tends to look young and innocent.

4. Face Shape like a Diamond

People with this face shape can be said to have a good personality. This is because those who have a face shape with cheekbones stick out and jaws and chin more narrow, meaning you are an honest and reliable figure. This face shape is owned by the average native of the United States.

5. Oval face shape

Oval face shape often wins in beauty contest. This is because the face shape is tilted down to make you look beautiful and attractive. However, this face shape is just showing your beauty. That is, you are only admired physically, unlike the figure with a face shape like a diamond that many others approached.

6. Rectangular Face Shape

If you have a face like this, you are meant to be a good leader. According to research published in Psychological Science, people with high cheekbones, wide foreheads, and prominent jaws are seen as stronger and can control the situation, compared with those with long faces.

The study also found that companies led by people with facial shapes like this would be more financially successful than being led by those with long, narrow faces.

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