How To Maintain Good Relationship With Ex-Husband After Divorce

Some people agree that divorce is the most difficult experience in our live. When couples have divorced, they will face challenges in forming a good relationship with a partner.

According to psychologist Kristin Davin, forming a relationship with an ex-spouse often be an unexpected situation. But there are also some couples who can maintain good relationships and put aside differences for the sake of children.

Remember, your role as a parent is very important to the child after the divorce. Strive to improve your relationship with a positive long-term ex- perience for the whole family.
To quote the Huffington Post page, here are some tips given by Kristy Davis to maintain good relationship with ex-spouse after divorce.
Be an example
If you say something insulting about the former, does that help the situation? Remember that children are a mix between you and your previous partner. Ignoring them means you also make your child think negatively about it. Realize that there are times when your ex is one of the people you love.
Try to remember it when you're emotional but still want to lead by example. Your children need to see and feel that even though you both are not married anymore, and still care about each other. It makes children feel good and they need it in their new world.

Focus on yourself
When you still feel the negative energy with the former, use it for something positive, that is for you and the kids. This will put you in a better place mentally and emotionally.

Show good to Children
Although difficult, but this is very important. You have to show the children that, although no longer the family as it once was, it is still only a different family couple.
Help the children through their journey
Your journey through divorce is much different from what children experience. Both parents can help the children by asking what they need from you to help them.
Forgive yourself and your partner
This is difficult for most people but it is very important. Learn to let go of negative feelings, which help you to bounce back, and embrace positive emotions. Guilt, shame, hate, and bitterness are not healthy behaviors that must be faced.

Refrain from opening old wounds
Of course, we are often tempted to go back and bring the past and record how things are or the situation can be different. Discussing the past is helpful if you use it to change and not repeat your mistakes. Bringing the past gets you stuck and sends you to the rabbit hole, which creates further distance between your present and your new future.

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