Here are the feeling of red velvet when performing in north Korea

The tension between South Korea and North Korea seems to be easing. To improve their relationship, an event was held featuring a line of K-Pop artists, including Red Velvet.

In a report, proclaimed SBS, Saturday (31/3/2018), Red Velvet became one of the idols who will give the best performance on the stage of the country that is considered the most closed.

Unfortunately, the appearance of Red Velvet this time is less complete. One of his personnel, Joy was forced to be absent due to filming the drama Tempted.

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Even so, Red Velvet will still show their best performances. Irene, Yeri, Seulgi, and Wendy feel grateful for this golden opportunity.


In a recent press conference, featuring South Korean artists performing in the country under Kim Jong Un, Red Velvet also said he was happy to be elected, performing one stage with other senior artists like Seohyun.


"It is a great pride for us to be able to perform at this event with senior artists, especially as we are the youngest artists to perform, we will give cheerful energy to North Koreans," Seulgi said.

Propaganda Through K-Pop

There is a unique story that happened when South Korea and North Korea are still heating up. In 2015, South Korea is performing a unique propaganda against North Korea by playing some famous K-Pop songs for eight hours.

K-Pop Song

One of IU's songs is titled "Heart". That way, South Korea hopes North Korea to rethink about the war that will take place will make both countries suffered losses. In addition, South Korea through the Heart song also showed a positive side by bringing peace, and promote the unification of the two Koreas, reported Yonhap Agency.

Not only the song IU, SNSD song called Party sounded on the front line. In addition, the song owned by Big Bang titled "Bang Bang Bang" blasted when played near the border of North Korea.

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