Don't Angry, Here Are 9 Reasons Women Refuse to Have Sex

When a husband invites his wife to intercourse and the desire is rejected so the husband annoyed and considered his wife cold or no longer passionate.

Don’t be angry right away because there may be a reason behind your wife's rejection. Reported by Daily Mail, sex expert Tracey Cox, revealed that there are eight most common reasons that make a woman not excited. What is it?

1. Dizziness
Many women are lazy when invited to make love with the reason being headache or dizziness. And the results showed that orgasm can make the muscles relax and relieve headaches.

2. Too busy
As many as 75 percent of couples surveyed claimed that have a disappointing sex life. Busyness is often the reason. Sex cannot be forced because both parties must be mutually satisfying.

3. Too tired
Another reason that is often raised by many women, especially those who have more than two children who are still small, or who are too hard works.

4. Don’t feel orgasm
The survey results show that 56 percent of women actually feel more satisfaction when masturbating and only 24 percent who feel the same when dealing with a partner. The main cause women don’t feel orgasm because they don’t reveal frankly what they need in order to achieve satisfaction.

5. Too fat
Many women lose their sex drive as they gain weight. One thing that causes laziness is not confident with their body condition that is too fat when not dressed. To overcome these feelings, focus only on sex and forget about appearance.

6. Bored to be who keeps asking
The desire for intercourse is sometimes not done on the will of both parties. Sometimes the women are the ones who ask a lot and it makes them bored.

7. Tired to do
Humans are creatures with habits and doing the same thing over and over can make you bored. Look for new variations and atmosphere to avoid getting bored and occasionally doing outside the room or somewhere else outdoors.

8. Don’t like be difficult
Is it true? Think of the good because sex is not just a relationship and make fun, but also makes us connect with partners, reduce depression, calm, boost the immune system, and even make us feel younger.

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