Do These 5 Ways To Prevent Heart Attack

Heart attacks are a silent killer disease that can affect anyone, including the young. This disease is quite deadly because it can take a person's life without any obvious symptoms.

Currently heart attack is an increasingly mushrooming disease, many people are categorized healthy but suddenly could have a heart attack. The heart attack triggers are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, such as rarely exercising, high-fat eating to the habit of smoking.

Well to avoid the heart attack disease you certainly should apply a healthy lifestyle, well here are some ways and lifestyle that you need to apply to avoid heart attacks.

 1.   Stop Smoking Habit
Smoking is a very bad habit that should be stopped, cigarette smoke is not only to destroy the lung organ, but almost all the organs of the body can be affected. Also avoid electric cigarettes because it is equally dangerous for your heart health.

 2.   Forget Alcohol Drinks and Sodas
Alcohol is the cardinal enemy of the heart, alcoholic drinks can damage blood vessels in the body including coronary arteries. Slain it any soft drinks should be avoided because of this high-calorie drink that can trigger the buildup of calories and can turn into fats that are harmful to heart health.

 3.   Idealize your Weight
Overweight can invite increased risk of heart attack, but not just excessive weight too thin too susceptible to heart attack problems. Well, to be more secure try to idealize your weight.

 4.   Physically Active
Passive body can also invite various diseases one of them is heart attack. Well to prevent it you must be physically active, spend at least 150 minutes per week to do sports. Family is very important for the health of blood vessels, it is also important for blood circulation from or out of the heart.

 5.   Keep the Diet
Finally, you are obliged to maintain your diet. Forget to eat fast food, junk food to avoid heart attack.
Prioritize healthy foods rich in fiber, for example foods derived from fruits and vegetables. Also choose a protein from the sea is usually seafood contains many minerals and healthy fatty acids are useful to strengthen the heart.

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