14 Causes Of Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Many people who failed in a relationship with their partner, whether it's a long-standing or a new relationship.

Disharmony in a relationship is the common factor causes the separation. The decision to breaking up with someone you love should be done when you cannot stay with your partner.

breaking up with someone you love

So what factors can cause love affair to break? Here are the factors that cause the breakup that could happen, among others:

1. Jealousy

Jealousy is a reasonable thing in a relationship. Even many say that jealousy is love. It's true, but be careful when the jealousy is over you or your partner. It could be the causes you have to break up with someone you love.

Because if the jealousy is excessive so make you or your partner dislike the jealous character, then it isn’t impossible will be the beginning of the rift your love relationship. Excessive jealousy is generally blindness jealously, often causing quarrels between couples that ultimately lead to separation or breakup of love affairs. So, be careful of the jealousy. Don’t get jealousy as a sign of love becomes a boomerang that damages your love relationship with your partner.

2. The presence of a third person

The presence of a third person is one of the main causes of breaking up with someone you love whether it's on your side or on your partner's side. It is sometimes a trigger of jealousy between couples. Surely the jealousy of persistent third person will make you or your partner feel uncomfortable so it will make a conclusion to end the relationship between you.

3. Cheating

Cheating or ambiguity is also a factor that could be the cause of breaking up with someone you love. Cheating or ambiguity is certainly very thick with the presence of a third person, whether it’s you or your partner who is in a relationship with others.

This affair is usually wired in secret so that when it is discovered, not infrequently will be the end of a relationship that existed before.

4. Bored or saturated

Boredom is indeed one of human nature, it’s reasonable if owned by every human including you and your partner. Boredom may arise from you or your partner for something, such as nature or behavior.
For example, there is a teddy you or your partner doesn’t like each behavior. Then the behavior continues over and over again even though you or your partner has been reminded not to repeat or even change the behavior. So that, it will trigger a sense of boredom until you get fed up, which ultimately leads to breaking up with someone you love.

5. Negative thinking

Negative thinking is also one factor that can lead to breaking up with someone you love. It should be avoided. If you have that trait, it's a sign you have no trust in your partner.

Just imagine, is there anyone who wants to survive love affair with you while yourself don’t believe in that person? Of course, it’s nothing. And vice versa, you also will not want to survive a love affair with someone who always thinks negative to you, which means less have a sense of trust towards you. Ultimately, such a relationship will not last and leads to separation or break up so you need a way to calm your heart and mind.

6. Long Distance Relationship

Separate long distance or commonly known as long distance relationship sometimes also can establish obstacles in establishing love relationship. Most couples who have long distance relationships will experience a decrease in confidence with their partners.

Decreased confidence will be an indication of suspicion among couples, whether it is you or your partner. Is not in a relationship should we not suspect our own partner? It is this suspicion that then triggers a variety of allegations against a distant partner, whether about behavior there, even about the existence of other relationships woven with others. So not infrequently couples who experience such things end their relationship.

7. Lack of communication

Establishing communication is certainly one of our ways to share with each other. Let alone when the couple is away from us, even when a partner is close to us. If we do not maintain communication with the partner, it indicates that there is a sense of indifference, either about the circumstances or even the problems facing. With the communication, of course, we can know these things and could be able to help each other solve respective every problem present.

Think about whether you can survive in relationships with people rarely communicate, especially in a love relationship? And vice versa, is there someone who can hold contact with you who rarely communicate, especially in a love relationship? Yes, as a normal human being, the answer is certainly not going to exist. Thus, it can be concluded that lack of communication causes the breaking up with someone you love.

8. Selfish

Selfish is not a good thing to do in a relationship. In establishing a relationship, of course, we should not think of ourselves alone, but also have to think about our partner. In essence, we must prioritize mutual interests, especially in making decisions so that no party feels offended, hurt, and harmed.
Surely we don’t want to have a selfish partner or anyone else nor do we want to pair with us if we have a selfish nature. So, if you have selfish in a love relationship surely it will not survive well. In the end, it will lead to breaking up with someone you love.

9. Too busy with own interests

Habit is too busy with ourselves to be an indication that we lack a sense of attention to our spouse. Busy is okay especially in terms of work that has become our duty and responsibility. But no matter how busy a person is, it will take time to pay attention to partner.

If we are so busy that we rarely spend time with a partner, it is not impossible that will have the idea that is no longer caring and concerned. So our partner wills breakup relationship with us. And vice versa, we will not be able to survive in love relationship with people who are too busy with themselves so rarely have a sense of care and attention to us. Finally, we will take the initiative to end the love relationship.

10. Liar

Being dishonest or lying is certainly a bad behavior to be done for any purpose, including in a relationship of love. We certainly don’t want to establish a love relationship with someone who always lies to us or vice versa. In essence, a relationship including love affairs will not last well and long if there is a party who is always lying or dishonest.

11. Lack of romantic nuance

Romantic nuance is a special spice in love relationship. Because the romantic feel will make a person feel privileged. Romantic nuances need to be presented in the midst of our relationship with a partner. The romantic feeling we give to our love so that partner will feel be a special person will certainly make happy to be beside us.

If our partner is already happy, of course, the relationship that we intertwine will be harmonious and durable. And vice versa, we will feel happy when couples do romantic things that make us a special person for them. So, if romantic nuances are rarely presented in our relationship, it’s guaranteed the relationship will not last long because it seems boring and unhappy.

12. Unable to control emotions

Controlling emotions is an important thing to be able to do in a relationship, especially when faced with problems. Usually, the emotion comes when a problem comes. If we are not able to control emotions, it is not impossible that the problems faced are not over and getting worse.

A growing problem may be the trigger for breaking up with someone you love. Surely you don’t want to survive a relationship with someone who unable control emotions so often angry to you. And vice versa, other people also will not stand in touch with you if you are unable to control emotions so often angry to partner.

13. Less open to each other

In establishing a love relationship you must have the courage to open about yourself to partner, whether, about yourself, family or other things related. Dare to open is something you should do to partner so they know about you. And vice versa you also have to know about matters relating to partner.

14. Different views about the future

The future isn’t something we can know immediately because it is a God's secret. But of course, we have a plan or a separate view of what we will do in the future. So it is fine if we plan for our future, including our future with the couple later.

Future views or plans that are not discussed from the beginning so that there will be differences of views in the future after going to a serious step, it is not likely to trigger breaking up with someone you love. And it is certain that a step towards more serious level will not be achieved due to the different views about the planned future in a relationship.

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