12 Best Way To Get Rid Of Cockroaches From House Naturally

What's your reaction when you see cockroach in your house? Its disgust isn’t? Of course, the existence of this insect is very disturbing and it can bring disease. Houses occupied by cockroaches will certainly be dirty. Therefore you need to know the best way to get rid of cockroaches from house naturally.

best way to get rid of cockroaches

Why should it be natural? Well, nowadays there are a lot of insect repellent products are practical and fast, but whether the product can guarantee your family healthiest? How if the chemical cockroaches are inhaled by your children? Definitely dangerous isn’t it? Therefore, we recommend you to expel cockroaches with natural ingredients easily available around you.

The Causes Cockroaches come to house

  • Unhygienic environment
  • Store food in unopened containers
  • Cockroaches can possibly enter even in clean houses through sewer pipes and in small gaps.
  • Cockroaches can survive even in extreme environments with a minimum amount of food.
  • Cockroaches multiply rapidly.
  • Cockroaches can build nests in a very narrow place e.g. in a remote control, a small crack or crack in the wall. With a slender sideways position they will fit in a small gap.
  • Cockroaches are insects that tend to be resistant to various pesticides.

The best way to get rid of cockroaches

Here are some ways that can help you to get rid of cockroaches at home. The following ways are effective in expelling cockroaches quickly and solving your problems. This way is simple but very effective to expel and even kill cockroaches and leave no toxic residue thereafter.

1. Bay leaf

get rid of cockroaches with bayleaf

This material is easy to find in stores and markets as ingredients or kitchen spices are quite commonly used. The way, create a bunch of bay leaf and place it near the hole or crack where cockroaches usually lay eggs and form nests. If the cockroach also interferes with your clothes and books, place it sheets into those places as well.

2. Ammonia 

Cockroaches often hide in drain pipes. Create a mixed solution between ammonia and water and then pour in the exhaust solution to clean the pipe. The very stinging smell of ammonia will prevent cockroaches from nesting in the pipe.

3. Camphor
camphor to get rid of cockroaches

Camphor can be very effective to repel insects including cockroaches. Put some camphor in the places you want free of cockroaches. Always be careful in the use of this object, keep out of reach of children.

4. Mint aromatherapy oil

mint to get rid of cockroaches

Spray the mint oil directly into the cockroach or in the corners of kitchen and bathroom where the roaches usually nest. These tips do not work immediately like other methods, but because they are natural and non-toxic can help to drive the cockroaches away.

5. Mouthwash

A solution commonly used as an antiseptic for gargling can also work as a disinfectant in your home. Dissolve it with water and spray it into the corner or wall where the cockroaches normally nest.

6. Grease (fat)

Put the food in a clear jar with the inside of the jar covered with grease. Leave it overnight. The cockroaches will be trapped into the jar because of the slippery walls by the grease.

7. Bleach

Bleach is a common type of disinfectant common in the home. Dissolve into water and pour over the floor or kitchen sink. Cockroaches will leave their nests in sewers, kitchens and other places.

8. Lemon

Lemons have anti pathogenic properties or prevent bacterial growth. Add the lemon juice to the water while mopping the parts of your house. Germs can die and cockroaches will leave because they cannot stand the smell.

9. Borax

Sprinkle borax in corners, cracks, kitchen sinks, kitchen pipes and bathrooms and leave overnight. Cockroaches that roam at night will make contact with borax and will dry the inside of the body and its nature as toxic to cockroaches. The body of a borax-contaminated cockroach will return to the nest and participate in spreading the poison there indirectly.

10. Soap solution

Create a concentrated soap solution and spray directly onto the cockroach. Most of the cockroaches will die soon because the soap solution will clog their pores that make cockroaches hard to breathe.

11. Mixture of pepper, garlic and onions

Make a mixture of one tablespoon of pepper, one garlic clove, and unions. Destroy and add one liter of water. Add soap solution if necessary, spray into the kitchen where the common cockroaches appear. It can also be a mix for mopping floors because cockroaches will not stand the smell

12. Cucumber

Put the cucumber slices and place them where the cockroaches often appear. The use of this method is quite safe because cucumber is non-toxic.

How to Prevent Cockroach Come Back

  • Get rid of the existing garden garbage outside your home.
  • Cover the cracks in your house to prevent cockroaches entering.
  • Cover all the cracks in the closet in your kitchen
  • Put a cover on all pipe openings in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Put a cockroach deterrent trap to prevent the cockroaches back.
  • Spray pesticides in traps in either gel or liquid form.
  • If you hit or step on a cockroach make sure to thoroughly clean the place as well as the objects you use to hit / step on. When the parent cockroaches die, the eggs can still hatch if not immediately removed properly.
  • Always keep food and other things out of cockroaches, and throw your garbage out every night before bed. 

It’s very easy isn’t it? So what's wrong with using non-hazardous materials as the best way to get rid cockroaches naturally? Well, hopefully article on how to repel this cockroach is useful for you. Do not let your family get infected by dangerous diseases spread by your home cockroach.

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