8 Sign of Man Depression You have to Know

Depression is a common mental disorder. Depression can occur because of irregular thoughts and feelings and the inability to do or get things done.

Signs of depression between men and women are different. In February 2017, depression affected more than 300,000 people of all ages around the world.

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In addition, depression is considered a major cause of disability worldwide. Depression affects more women as much as 20%, compared to 12% of men.

Although there is a gap between the two, depression in men is still quite high. In general, some of the symptoms of depression are despair, helplessness, guilt, decreased happiness, and feelings of worthlessness.
When depressed, women tend to blame themselves, feel sad, worthless, self-medicate with food, feel slow, and anxious. While depression in men is associated with the norm that they must suppress feelings or even not show them at all, indicating that they are strong and can control emotions.

The most common signs of man depression are fatigue, too much or little sleep, irritability, anger, stress, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, indifference, and suicidal thoughts. Men tend to blame others for their depression, while women tend to blame themselves.

There are many things you can do to avoid depression, such as reaching out to people around, participating in activities, meeting new people with the same hobbies, contacting old friends, being a good listener, and eating balanced meals. As well as some things that usually trigger depression is the lack of social support, loneliness, history of substance abuse, trauma, and isolation.

Do not give up when you are depressed. Contact a professional to help you with depression.

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