7 Flies Repellent Plants You Have to Know

Are there a lot of flies in your house? You need to be careful with the presence of this animal. As it is known that flies like to infest food and drink and then leave germs or dirt that can cause diseases such as digestive diseases.

Therefore, you need to prevent presence of flies in house. There are several ways to repel flies by placing plants that produce aroma that flies dislike. These plants can be planted around the house or use them directly. Make sure your family is free from the disease carried by this animal.

These are the Flies Repellent Plants 

1. Rosemary

Rosemary can be found easily around us. It’s not only as a flavoring food aroma but also can used to expel flies and mosquitoes. If you want to make rosemary spray fluid, prepare several dried rosemary and then boil it with water for half an hour. After boiling, wait until sometime with silence in container and store in the refrigerator. If the smell of rosemary is not smelled, it means not working and must create a new one.

2. Lemon

Lemon is also good for repel flies. If you have lemon fruit, can be cut into four parts and then pluck 12 dry clove seeds. The lemon slice and the clove aroma are placed on top of the pyre and positioned on either side of table or place it where there are lots of flies.

3. Lavender

Apart from being mosquitos repellent plant lavender is also not favored by flies. The trick is very easy to place a number of lavender stalks in every room that often there are many flies.

4. Clove

Besides being used as a mixture of food and cigarettes, Clove also proved very effective get rid flies from home. It’s very easy to use, soak a clove in enough water in a bowl. The bath can be placed where there are many flies. Cloves are essential oil-producing plants and very beneficial to health.

5. Mint

The other flies repellent plants is mint. This plant can be used as a solution to repel fly from home just by planting it in a pot. This plant has a rapid spread so that when planted in the ground will be difficult to be revoked. In addition to flies, mosquitoes are also afraid with this plant because the scents that come out of the flowers, stalks and leaves are not favored by them. To be more powerful, you can mix the mint oil with vodka and apple vinegar.

6. Pandan leaves

The pandan leaves have the fragrance that humans love, but are hated by flies. Cut a few leaves of pandan leaves, and then place on a container. Then place the container in a place frequented by flies.

7. Chrysanthemum Flowers

This flower is not only used as home decorator, but also effective to repel flies, mites, fleas, ants and cockroaches. Some insects are known very afraid of pyrethrum contained in chrysanthemum flowers.

Those are some flies repellent plants that you can plant at home. By using them then your family's health will be protected from germs and dirt brought by flies.

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