6 Ways To Eliminate Depression From People who Safe from Severe Depression

What is depression? Jean-Francois Claude, a mental health advocate from Ottawa, Ontario, mentions that depression is a variety of emotions that compete and it come barrage. Emotions like anything? Feeling alone, angry, embarrassed, confused, lost, overwhelmed, and until fear. When depressed, all these emotions make us numb.

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"The response of my mind is to numb him to all these feelings by disabling his emotions," he said.
The biggest mistake when dealing depression is still silent and don’t seek any help. There are 6 Hollywood stars tell how depression threatens their lives, as well as how to have a trusted confidant friend can overcome this depression.

Moreover, sometimes depression is not just a matter of feeling, but it already needs medical help. For example is Loralee Hutton, a lawyer from Vancouver. "I finally got a diagnosis of what was wrong with me," said Lasikasik. "Depression is not just 'in my head, I need medical attention as well as treatment."

Unfortunately, most people ignore deal with depression and seek help. Or they decided to ask for professional help, but ignored his suggestion.

In order not to repeat the same mistakes, here are tips on how to relieve depression from some people who have been severely depressed. They share the lessons they can to manage their feelings.

1. Follow your diagnosis seriously, do not ignore or take for granted

One of Hutton's greatest regrets after getting a diagnosis from an expert is to ignore him because there are many other urgent things that concern him, including the death of one of his families as well as the diagnosis of another illness he has suffered. "I hope I take it more seriously," he said.
The independent journalist, Greg Harman, from Texas, is still struggling to prioritize the health of his soul.

"All of these symptoms eventually stack up in a mess, to force me to regard healing as a life or death decision," says Harman, author of After Depression: What an experimental medical treatment taught me about mental illness and recovery. "I can only prioritize the healing of my depression when it almost kills me. No one should have to face this. "

Tidka ignoring your condition also means fulfilling all recipes and treatment recommendations, says Moe Gelbart, PhD, a psychologist at Torrance Memorial Medical Center, California. "Very often clients refuse to take drugs," said Dr. Gelbart. "Sometimes the cause is due to side effects, such as weight gain and decreased sexual arousal. Or it could be assumed that if they take medicine, they admit that there is something wrong with them. "

Gelbart suggests that we accept depression as a disease, not a sign of our weakness or disability. Managing depression is not like managing other chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

"Depression is like a lifelong disease that just needs good maintenance," Harman said. "Without good attention, depression or chronic illness can end very badly. Both can cause death. "

2. You are not alone, seek for help

"You're not alone," says everyone who has gone through the depression.

The reality, says Harman, is that depression is an unassuming mother. "Depression affects all different types of people. "The beautiful and the mediocre, the fast and the slow, the rich and the poor."

All those who are free from deep depression say they are fighting loneliness. They also stressed the importance of the support of the people around.

"Feeling completely alone is a big deal for me," Hutton said. "I used to be in the stage of believing that I was worthless." Going back to school helped relieve the symptoms because he could focus on something new.

"The depression did not disappear completely, and I also felt depressed many times afterwards. But a new direction in life saves me from the worst side of depression. "

Finding help more quickly has helped Therese Borchard, author of the Everyday Health website. He can avoid mental disorders that run for 2 years after the second child was born.

Lukasik says that he is very lonely. He also said that he was lucky to get a support group sooner.
Be gentle on yourself, love yourself

"I wish I was better and softer to myself. I wish I had also learned how to love myself instead of blaming myself for depression, "Borchard said.

Others expressed the same thing, "Do not be too hard on yourself when you feel hopeless or overwhelmed," Hutton said. "Believing that you are wrong or bad can take over your life very quickly."

We will be greatly helped by admitting that life is still difficult whether we suffer from depression or not. "Tenderness (in itself) is the only way to live through violence (life)," Harman said.

In fact, Claude suggested undergoing activities that relax the body, such as massage. Awareness meditation for 8 months has also helped him manage his nerves.

3. Look for treatment, but do not limit your treatment options

The biggest regret that Gelbart hears from his clients is that they are no quicker to seek help.
"I hope I do not delay treatment," Claude said. There is a stigma of its own that makes it reluctant to accept the diagnosis. What is that stigma? Stigma is if rarely a man suffering from depression. But once he knew his family turned out to be many who suffer from depression and feelings of anxiety, he began to accept that he needed treatment.

"I did not know my decision just a few weeks later, when my daughter suddenly came up to me and said, 'I love my new Dad.'"

4. While others, like Borchard, regret not digging out the options before taking treatment.

"Looking back, I hope I've used a variety of holistic ways of dealing with depression before I take a prescription. I hope I've also learned how many unseen problems cause depressive symptoms. So far, the side effects of drugs have really disturbed my health, "he said.

Various treatment options there are ruqyah, psychotherapy, meditation, and sports.

"There are many studies that discuss the positive benefits of exercise to overcome depression. Many studies indicate that exercise can be as successful as treatment, "said Gelbart.
Lukasik says that journal writing and volunteering help overcome depression. "Depression will drag you into a dark abyss without a ladder to ride out if you leave," he said.

5. Teach yourself and be an advocate for yourself

"You are the best advocate for yourself. You are also responsible for your recovery process. So arm yourself with information, "Claude said. He advised to consult the "Google Doctor," but remained skeptical of the content on the internet. Always consult a medical expert before trying different strategies for managing your depressive symptoms. "There is no cure, and there is no magic bullet to cure depression," he said.

"After being diagnosed, I expect affection and understanding. But more often, I am told to change my own attitude or be more grateful for what I have, "Lukasik said. At first he absorbs these negative feelings, he feels misunderstood and shunned. But he overcame it by announcing it facebook.com/lawyers with depression.

He writes about depression. He creates a website for lawyers who are depressed at lawyerswithdepression.com. He also made a short documentary to reveal what depression was.

6. Invest into a healthy lifestyle

If possible, building a business or work environment that allows flexibility and break time can help nourish your life healthier. If rearranging your life to such an extent is not possible, you can make other changes.

"Work on things you can control, such as balancing work relationships with other aspects of life, exercising, eating healthier, stopping alcohol, marijuana, or other medicines for healing. Communicate more deeply with the people closest to you, "said Gelbart.

Making such changes is not easy, especially for people who are depressed. But still important.
"If good eating habits, regular exercise, and adequate sleep and quality are not yet part of your lifestyle, you need to dig into yourself, find the motivation and energy to put all of this into your life," Claude said.

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