5 Reasons for Divorce Better than Maintaining Marriage

Certainly, divorce is not anything all married couples desire, but it doesn’t mean divorce has always been a bad specter in life. Like all the counsel you've heard, it's better to let go, than to grasp something painful continuously.

Here are some reasons why divorce is much better done than maintaining an unhealthy marriage.

1. You have more time for children
When you get married you find it very difficult to find time together, when divorced, you will appreciate every time you have.

A common reason for married couples is that they cannot find time together, leaving children and spouses for work, which ends up losing the reason why they decide to get married early on.
Divorce can give you valuable lessons to improve.

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2. You can become closer to the children
As mentioned above, no married couple wishes to end in divorce. However, if the divorce occurs, it is likely that you and your ex-spouse should divide the child's time fairly. This can be an opportunity for you to miss their existence more, when they are not by your side.

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3. You do not need to seek anyone's approval again
When married, whatever you do should be thoroughly thought out and based on your decisions and your partner. There are times where you feel tired to seek partner's approval. When divorced, you are free to do anything without waiting for approval from anyone.

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4. Your happiness does not depend on anyone, except yourself
Still many people hang happiness on others, even when they know that happiness comes from oneself. Nothing can make happy except yourself.
Similarly when divorced, do not hang happiness on other people, especially ex-spouse. Find and make your own happiness.

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5. You can find yourself again
Deciding to divorce is certainly not an easy thing, especially if there are children in it. But again, make the right decision by yourself, find yourself back, and make it better and happier.

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