12 Mosquito repellent plants that can be planted at home

Mosquito is one of animals that cause many diseases. Not only is its noise disturbing, mosquito bites can also harm humans because they carry diseases such as dengue and malaria.

There are various ways mosquito repellent performed by humans both physically and chemicals. Examples of how to repel mosquitoes physically are installing bed nets or install mesh netting in every ventilation house while to repel mosquitoes chemically are using mosquito spray, burn, electric, smear and fogging.

In addition to these ways, actually there are other ways to repel mosquitoes naturally by using mosquito repellent plants. By utilizing these plants we can avoid from dangerous mosquito bites. It is usually used ancient people before found chemical anti-mosquito drugs. We can also plant these mosquito repellent plants around the house. Of course by using natural mosquito repellent we can avoid family safe from this animal.

What are these mosquito repellent plants?

 1.   Lavender 

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Surely, you are very familiar with this flower. Lavender is already known as ornamental plants used to prevent mosquitoes. Now days there are many anti-mosquito products that use this flower.
The lavender flower comes from the Alpine region of Switzerland. The content of linalool and lynalyl acetate in this flower makes it emit an aroma that is not preferred by mosquitoes. When the mosquitoes smell this flower, they will dizzy and away from the source of smell.
To use lavender as a natural mosquito repellent can be done by distilling and then using distilled oil to rub on some body. But if you don’t want to hard, you can immediately rub this flower on the area of exposed skin. As for sifting mosquitoes around the house, you can plant lavender in a pot and make it as a houseplant.

 2.   Fragrant Lemongrass

Lemongrass is not only used as flavor of food or drink. This plant can also be used as naturally mosquito repellent. It’s not surprising the candles aromatherapy or anti-mosquito lotions often use lemongrass as the main ingredient. Lemongrass can flourish in various climates and soil types. It makes lemongrass plants so easily found and maintained at home. Although it’s not suitable when planted in pots, you can outsmart by planting it under windows around the house so that mosquitoes don’t go into the house.

 3.   Geranium

The next mosquito repellent plant is geranium flower. The content of geraniol and citronellol in this flower is believed very powerful to repel mosquitoes naturally.
Both of these substances are very easy to spread in the wind so that will make the room around it filled with the smell of this flower. You can put this flower in a place easily blown off so the scent will spread quickly fill the room.

 4.   Lemon Balm

Just like lemongrass, lemon balm also contains powerful citronellal compounds to repel mosquitoes. The aroma of this plant is also one of the fragrances not favored by mosquitoes. Even so, you must be careful if you want to plant this leaf in the yard of the house, because this plant has an invasive nature or have a rapid growth.

 5.   Rosemary 

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Rosmarinus officinalis or known as rosemary is a plant has many benefits, such as mosquito repellent plants. It has a scent such as eucalyptus oil and the typical aroma of rosemary is very powerful to help us prevent from mosquitos.
You can plant rosemary directly on the ground or use pots. When planting this plant make sure that rosemary gets enough sun light for its growth to work well. In addition to using the leaves, you can also use the flowers by rubbing the skin to avoid mosquito bites.

 6.   Zodia

This plant is believed to protect them from insect bites and mosquitoes. The content of evodiamine and rutaecarpine substances is very instrumental in protecting from insect bites and mosquitoes. In addition to directly rub on the body, you can also plant it around the house. The smell of zodia plants will spread in the air can make mosquitoes away from home.

 7.   Catnip

Catnip or Nepeta cataria is often used to stimulate cats be more active. After contact with this plant, your cat may show an increasingly active behavioral change. However, this doesn’t apply to mosquitoes. The reason, catnip is a plant feared by mosquitoes. The study found that the essential oil content in catnip, known as nepetalactone, was found to be effective in expelling mosquitoes rather than the DEET (Diethyl-meta-toluamide) drug, a potentially harmful chemical element. This plant can grow tall, so if you want to plant it in the yard, you should plant in an area that will not block the view.

 8.   Citrosa Mosquito

Unique leaf shape and beautiful flower color make this plant is very suitable for houseplants. In addition citrosa mosquito has a very strong lemon scent. The aroma is very unpopular by mosquitoes and insects so it is suitable to be mosquito repellent plant.
To plant it is quite easy, only by routinely watering and give it sun regularly. Unfortunately this plant not in all country, if you want to have it you must import from the origin Netherlands.

 9.   Fragrant Root

This plant has similarities with citronella, both in terms of shape and also the nature of the plant. The fragrant root usually grows wild around the yard of a house like a grass plant. This plant has a very strong odor that makes mosquitoes and insects leave because it is not strong with the smell. This plant is also known as a dengue fever prevention plant because Aedes Aegypty mosquito does not like the aroma of the fragrant root.

 10.  Garlic

Garlic has long been used to repel mosquitoes naturally. You can slice the garlic and put it in places where air circulation comes from, for example, windows and doors. In order not to smell too stingy you can add lavender or other essential oil according to taste.

 11.   Mitrosa Of Lady Diana

The name of this plant is really unique, almost the same as the wife of Prince Charles. This plant is also very powerful to repel mosquitoes. The plant originated from the Netherlands has a very strong aroma, so mosquitoes are reluctant to approach it.

 12.   Basil

This plant is one type of spice widely used. Besides being used as a spice of cooking and vegetables, this plant is very powerful to repel mosquitoes. This plant can grow wild around the house without having to do special treatment.

Those are some mosquito repellent plants that you can use to prevent mosquito bites at home environment. You can plant it in the yard, or plant it in pots to house plants.

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