11 Elegant Ways to End An Affair, It is Time to Live Better

OzymPost - Everyone has a potential to have an affair either in dating or married. But a relationship based on a lie surely will hurt either party.

This problem often leads to the separation of spouse. Wedding expert Dr. Jane Greer says that as the times progress, more and more men or women are having an affair.

If you begin to realize that your affair is just waste of time and you believe you can be better person, maybe it's time to end your dark relationship. It's not easy but you can learn to run the following eight steps to end an affair.
end an affair


1. Understand why you are having an affair

The reason people cheat on it is diverse. Some are not happy with partner, there is also just looking for challenge. Whatever it is, you are involved in a relationship that you should not do.
Finding and understanding reasons why you have an affair will make it easier for you to break the relationship with your dark partner. For example, if you are not happy with your partner, why don’t you fix your relationship?

2. Find out why you want to end the affair

Even though you are a playboy, there are times when you feel guilty about having an affair. In fact, maybe honestly in the depths of your heart you feel lonely though cheating with people you think fun.
Find out the reason why it's time you got out of an unhealthy relationship. This will help you find self-respect and you are more and more convinced that you are worthy to live a healthy relationship with the one who loves you sincerely.

3. Reassure yourself that this affair should end

In the end, you can determine whether you really want to break with your affair. End an affair is not easy, especially if you had a feeling with your dark lover. But once you find self-respect, you can learn to convince yourself that ending a clandestine relationship is the right thing.
Not all relationships end without any consequences that follow likewise infidelity. There is the worst possibility that your spouse may finally know the dark relationship you are doing.
However, you should not give up. You must remember that you and your spouse are entitled to be in mutually respectful relationship, something you cannot get when one is having an affair. Your mental should be ready for this possibility.

4. Be honest

After all, honesty is important to end an affair. First, you must be honest with your dark lover about why you should break up. Second, say to your partner if you are already in pairs.
However, you cannot confess to everyone. Surely there will be people who take advantage of the situation to make you look even worse. So, you must be careful to the other parties about the conditions.
5. Know that you will feel broken hearted
This is true if you have more feelings about your cheating partner. You may feel heavy and afraid to them. However, if your initial motivation is correct, you don’t be afraid. Sooner or later you will feel good again.

6. End the Relationship

If you and your affair have labeled the relationship as a 'spouse' immediately say that you want to end the relationship. Tell to dark partner that the current deed is wrong and you are already aware of it. One thing you need to know, if you want to end it, do it immediately. Don’t wait for the right moment to say it.

7. Disconnect Contact

After ending a relationship, it could be your affair or you still have a desire to relate. Stop contacting via anything. If necessary block all access that can connect you with them.

8. Expand Communication with Partner

If you feel less satisfied in the relationship, immediately communicate to your partner. Have a lot of discussion about your wishes and expectations in relationship. It makes you more relieved to have revealed your heart for this and your partner to know your expectations.

9. Stop Counting Negative Things from Partner

Partner is not concern, romantic, possessive and anything else you value negatively. Remember that no one is one hundred percent perfect, including your affair. Instead of continuing to count the negative things of partner, you should begin to appreciate the positive things that have been done for you. This will make you feel more fortunate.

10. Focus on Relationships Future

If you are still dating, you should focus on the good things that will happen in the future, eg marriage. If you are married, think about children or things you want to achieve together, such as buying a house, car or holiday together. Focusing more on the future of the relationship makes you wiser and minimizes the desire for an affair.

11. Make big changes in your life

Now, you are no longer having an affair. You are free from the guilt and confidence of yourself as an adult human can you can. It's time you showed that you could have a better relationship.

Good luck!

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