10 Reasons Why the Relationship Should End

Everyone would want long lasting relationship. The purpose of a relationship is to gain happiness. But to reach it is not easy because every couple must be able to deal with any existing problems.

When a relationship is less harmonious, it can lead to failure and separation. There are many reasons why the breakup of a relationship. But there are 10 main reasons that require the relationship to end.

love break

1. Do not feel alive in relationship

Most people end their relationship for this reason. There is a point where you stop feeling alive and make relationships stale and not getting better. You will feel reluctantly dying in this kind of relationship.

2. The relationship becomes a fighting container

People are more likely to avoid arguments. But if arguments happen more often than discussions in a relationship, you have to end that relationship. No relationship persists in contention.

3. Trying to be happy

Happiness is an aura and will not be obtained if someone tries to be happy. Usually the relationship will end if the couple feel unhappy. You will tend to harbor false happiness as long as you can. When the patience runs out, you will explode and the relationship ends.

4. Do not forget the past

Sometimes, establish relationships to forget the past. But when that does not happen, then you will choose to terminate the relationship. Because it will always be imagined by the past and choose broken so as not to hurt your partner.

5. Feeling cheated

Cheating is the main reason someone ends his relationship. There is no more reason to stay together if cheated. The occurrence of cheating to create trust between you and your partner will be lost. So there is no longer a foundation for a relationship.

6. There is no agreement

A very common reason for breaking up is the lack of understanding between spouses. Relationships will fall apart if between you and your partner there is no understanding or compliance whatsoever. So understanding someone is important.

7. Not ready

You face so much pressure before you have a relationship. Then you seem to be in a hurry to establish a relationship while you're not ready. When the connection is in trouble, you will choose to give up and end the relationship.

8. There is no similarity

You and your partner are like two separate poles and do not agree on anything. This is one reason for breaking up because you and your partner's minds are not compatible with each other.

9. There is no mutual respect

Talking bad things about each other and not caring about the couple's words makes mutual respect not growing in the relationship. If the relationship is not attended to mutual respect, then the relationship will end.

10. No trust

One thing you should look for in a relationship is a couple who can respect and trust you. Trust plays a big part in relationships. If trust does not grow, then your relationship must end rather than hurt each other.

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