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10 Things Women Do Can Make Men Cheating

10 Things Women Do Can Make Men Cheating

Cheating does not just happen. There are many things that are not realized and protracted. Especially men, why do they choose an affair from their partner?

If a relationship of love has lasted for a long time, passion can die, most importantly then how each other behave. Here are some things that women do that causing their partner cheating.

1. Moods are often changing

In a new love relationship, many people try to stay positive and look happy, but what if the relationship has long been established? Most likely, you'll let the mood swings out just like that.

According to the survey, 97% of men admitted that mood swings are the most irritating of their partners. Do you often do that?

2. Jealousy

As many as 96% of men in a survey said they did not like this behavior. Jealousy can actually encourage a man to cheat.

3. Talk about sex life with friends

According to the survey, 93% of men found this behavior very irritating. Talking about sex life with friends can actually make your relationship awkward and men choose to cheat.

4. Easy to get angry

Relationships that already have a commitment to live together tend to be more complicated and dynamic. Although there will be more things that make you angry, 90% of men admitted that irritability is very irritating to them.

5. Not explain desires

89% of men admitted that this one behavior they are very avoiding. Women may expect their partners to be intuitive, especially in long-term relationships.

6. Avoiding sex

Surveys show that this behavior disrupts 88% of men. Men do tend to have a higher sex drive than women, but actually, a love relationship is about how the needs of both can be met.

7. Need constant guarantees

Men who must constantly make his partner feel confident confess that this is very annoying to do. 87% of men surveyed said they did not really know what to say to make their partner feel safe.

8. Obsessed with height

Women are often obsessed with their partner's height, but this behavior also shows insecurity. Men regard this behavior as something that bothers them.

9. Want to share food in the restaurant

Women may want to share food because they think this behavior can get them closer to the couple and save on expenses. It’s unfortunate, not with men.

10. Ask about a lot of things

It can also make men cheating. So, whether until now you are still doing things that can make couples cheating?

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